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During the fantasy premier league, it is the responsibility of the commissioner to decide the type of scoring system. It is important for them to choose the right option to get more profits and success. In this way, they chose the scoring system that will tell how to make the cheat sheets as well as the draft pick on the league. By selecting the system, they also come to know how their players will get point during the whole season.

The type of scoring for the fantasy games that we usually see in the champions fantasy league game is

PPR (Point-per-reception)

In this type, the owner makes the strategy in the way that the receiver, to get ends and running backs all receive one point. In this type of scoring method, the players get more credits. Although there exists little variation in the scoring system owner uses multiple strategies to develop interest of the player.

At the end of each session, the owner may alter the rankings to accommodate the player who hauls in passes left and right. They may not find the end zone. Through PPR scoring system owner get more points each weak. Due to this reason, it has become a popular scoring system. Maximum 200 points can be gained that make this system an appealing one.


In this type of scoring system managers have to look upon certain preferences. They choose the recommended scoring setting. It may be of different type like

  • Six points for touchdowns (quarterbacks often only receive four points for passing scores)
  • One point for every 10 rushing or receiving yards
  • One point for every 25 passing yards
  • Minus-two points for interceptions or fumbles

In this type, the kickers have to receive points depending on the field goal. For example, the fifty-yard kick is typically et with five points. For 40 to 49 they get equal four points. For zero to thirty-nine the player gets 3 points. All depend on the system that the commissioner set for each set of games. The defenses get the points depending on the touchdowns, points, and turnovers. In this system, there is a negative score system so the one has to play match wisely and select a game with proper homework.

One key benefit of the type of scoring system in the fantasy premiere league is that players get a bonus also. For example, for fifty yards touch down and 200-yard rushing game, a player gets additional points. Usually, the owner sets the bonus point and recommend it according to the type of league.

Touchdown only.

The touchdown scoring system means the player will et the point unless he breaks the goal line. Otherwise, he scores no points. It is quite different from the PPR leagues. In the touchdown type, the owners consider the running backs. The players keep in choice the fantasy option for the end zone and get more points.

Choosing the soring system by the owner may be some tricky thing, they keep in mind certain points to choose the one that will benefit them. They choose it according to their experience, type of veterans and much more. In this way, they do little effort and recommend the system that will provide the profits and help in getting popularity.