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Footwear trends for women

By Esther Adams

Shoes are an essential part of the look. They can instantly tweak up or turn it down. Branded footwear for women is available in a variety of trends. Women have more options. The options depend on the occasion. There are many styles out there for everyone. A person has to find their pair.

A shoe that makes them look and feel good. Branded footwear for women is a great place to explore the up and coming trends. The collections that have been curated stem from the runway and are inspired by celebrity styles. They are striking and comfortable at the same time.


It is time to bid adieu to boring styles and welcome the spiffy ones. Some of the roaring shoe trends are:

1) Sneakers:  Sneakers have carved a vast market for themselves. They are here to stay. Their lack of heels does not make them any less stylish. The best way to effortlessly chic is by grabbing a pair of sneakers that bode well with most looks.

White sneakers are most prominently bought, because of their versatility. Acquiring premium sneakers is very difficult, and shoe buffs always get their hands on the trending kicks. Fashion connoisseurs can style them with sweatpants and denim for an athleisure look and others for a chic look.

2) Contrast toe boots: As the name suggests, their appeal is a contrast in nature. The make of these shoes comprises different colors that complement one another.

They are typically styled with neutral outfits because of their quirky nature. They also come in different sizes; ankle or knee-length. There is a multitude of occasions that one can wear these too.

3) Platform sandals with ankle strap: These are a great way to sport that semi-formal look. They display a relaxed and unbothered aura. They are also highly comfortable. Styling platform sandals are quite effortless as they tend to bode well with most outfits.

4) Black and white cowboy boots: This is a fashion comeback that manifests funky boots made in black and white combinations or browns. It’s a classic piece and can be paired with just about anything. Regardless of the outfit, it is sure to draw ample attention. They are easily noticeable.

5) White kitten heels: Kitten heels, in general, are trending. They come with an unparalleled sense of comfort and are dapper. White kitten heels are worn more than other colors as it stands out. They can be teamed up with skirts, trench coats, and other essentials.

6) Straight leg boots: Just like skinny denim are a thing of the past, so are tight hugging boots. It is all about relaxed silhouettes. These boots are more comfortable to move around in and provide an elegant demeanor.

It is relatively hassle-free to style them. They are available in plain colors or printed. Prints like the snake print are exceedingly commonplace. Depending on the look one wants to achieve; these boots are a keeper.

7) Ornate heels: At times, it’s all about letting the heels do the talking for us. These are statement heels that are embellished. They are timeless pieces. Styling can center on minimal or maximal outfits.

8) Square toe boots: Square toe shoes, boots, moccasins, and kitten heels are a raging trend. They stand out and give a fancy twist to the mundane roundness. Sold in all patterns, square toe boots are highly fashionable. Styling them is easy as the shoe is versatile and eye-catchy.

9) Kitten heel mules: Kitten heel mules bring back the ‘Sex and the City’ look that Carrie Bradshaw sported. They are a gorgeous and cute addition to one’s shoe collection. It is impossible to go wrong with such a buy. They emanate fashionista vibes.

10) Combat boots: Another classic piece, combat boots have made a comeback. They are well-suited for all occasions and have an unprecedented aura. They manage to look snazzy with minimal effort. One can rock them with jeans, sundresses, or even a simple coat. Even athleisure and sports-oriented brands like Nike are now making combat boots.

11) Chain accents: The best way to liven up a heel or shoe is with chain accents. They provide a modernized look and make for superb detailing. They are a revival of the 90s trends and can be easy to style. They are unbiased of seasons and can add a spark to one’s shoe collection.


To conclude, shoes are an unmissable part of a woman’s wardrobe. It helps complete an entire look and can completely transform it. Women like to update their closets with changing trends. They are always on the lookout for new and fancy designs.


Author Bio: Ester Adams is a farmer of words in the field of creativity.
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