Footy star is given brutal ultimatum after unveiling shocking and highly offensive tattoos: ‘They are just so vile’

  • A footy star has inked himself with offensive tattoos 
  • He has received a brutal ultimatum from his league 
  • The tattoos have been described as ‘vile’ 

A young Cronulla footballer has been told to cover up his offensive tattoos or not play football after shocking staff with the body art.

According to News Corp, the youngster has received a warning from Cronulla junior rugby league officials for two inappropriate tattoos.

One tattoo on his leg states ‘eat s**t f****t’ while a second tattoo on his other leg reads ‘snort lines and f***’.

Cronulla officials were only made aware of the highly offensive tattoos when a photo of the unnamed player’s designs circulated on social media.

‘Just vile,’ said News Corp’s Buzz Rothfield. 

A young footballer has been warned for two highly offensive tattoos

‘They are so offensive. It is so homophobic. They didn’t realise. They didn’t check the leg tattoos of every player they pick in rep sides but when a photo was put up on social media of the player, they recognised it and sent it to the New South Wales Rugby League and good on Dave Trodden.

‘He jumped on it straight away. He said we have zero tolerance for any form of bullying, harassment or vilification towards people with diverse sexualities and genders.

‘They’ve said to this bloke, ‘Cover them up with tape or you will not play in a New South Wales Rugby League sanctioned competition ever again’. I applaud them for coming down so hard on his rubbish.

‘He plays in a club where there are a lot of young women and men who participate for the enjoyment, for the camaraderie and it’s just so out of order.’