Footy star Josh Addo-Carr breaks his silence on vicious brawl that spilled into the crowd as video reveals the moment he allegedly punched opponent in the face

  • Addo-Carr was playing at Koori Knockout footy tournament 
  • Was reportedly knocked out in fight during Walgett match 
  • Now Bulldogs star has given his version of events 

NRL star Josh Addo-Carr has slammed reports he was knocked out in a vicious footy brawl that saw police called when spectators became involved.

The Bulldogs winger was playing for the Sydney All Blacks at the annual Koori Knockout tournament when multiple fights broke out during their match against Walgett on Saturday.

It was originally reported that Addo-Carr was knocked unconscious in one of the fights at Tuggerah on the NSW central coast after violence allegedly broke out when he was hit in a high tackle. 

The 28-year-old strongly denied that when he gave his version of events in an Instagram post on Saturday afternoon.

‘Tell who really got knocked out in the brawl, play dirty cop it,’ he wrote.

That version of events was backed up by claims from an eyewitness at the match. 

‘The other player slapped Addo-Carr overly hard in the head,’ the spectator told the Daily Telegraph.

‘Addo-Carr then shaped up and destroyed him. He didn’t start it but he threw the first punch.’

However, another witness to the clash claimed a different version of events transpired.

Addo-Carr (pictured left with Redfern All Blacks players) has rubbished reports that he was knocked out in a fight during the Koori Knockout rugby league tournament 

‘No-one hit Josh in the head,’ they told the publication.

‘He got tackled hard, but it doesn’t give you the right to hit a bloke. He just didn’t like losing, simple as that.

‘It’s quite sad it ended like that because it was a cracking game, it was intense. It was the biggest game of the day … there were about 10,000 people at this one small ground.’

The Walgett team also featured NRL star Jack Wighton, boxing promoter Matt Rose and former Bulldogs star Ben Barba.

As a result of the clash, Addo-Carr’s role will be investigated by the NRL Integrity Unit, the publication reported.

The winger would have been a shoo-in to make the Kangaroos team being named on Tuesday were it not for the alleged fight.

Bulldogs general manager Phil Gould gave fans an update on Addo-Carr’s health in a post on X on Saturday night.

‘Bulldogs have spoken personally to Josh Addo-Carr and he is fine,’ Gould wrote.

‘No issues at all. Unfortunate incident, but he’s taken no harm. More as it comes to hand.’ 

It isn’t the first instance of Addo-Carr making headlines at the Koori Knockout. 

The Bulldogs winger's actions during the match against Walgett are being scrutinised by the NRL Integrity Unit and could affect his chances of making the Kangaroos team

The Bulldogs winger’s actions during the match against Walgett are being scrutinised by the NRL Integrity Unit and could affect his chances of making the Kangaroos team

A similar event transpired in 2016, when he was playing for the Redfern All Blacks.

During the final against the Newcastle All Blacks, he was on the verge of scoring a try when a defender launched a high-flying tackle against him.

The Koori Knockout, one of Australia’s largest Indigenous gatherings, is a highly anticipated rugby league competition held on the long weekend of every October in Tuggerah, New South Wales.

The Koori Knockout attracts thousands of Aboriginal people from across NSW, merging community celebrations with an intense display of rugby talent.

The tournament is unique in that it provides an opportunity for local country league players to compete against NRL stars like Latrell Mitchell.