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Former public schoolboy raped two ‘extremely drunk’ women

Chiron Hutchinson, from Kent, was allowed by the prison authorities to watch the explicit movie Fifty Shades of Grey in his cell while on trial.

A former public schoolboy who lured two ‘extremely drunk’ and vulnerable young women into his car before raping them in woodland has been jailed for 20 years.

Chiron Hutchinson, from Kent, who was allowed by the prison authorities to watch the explicit movie Fifty Shades of Grey in his cell while on trial for multiple sex offences, drove them to secluded areas in his mother’s hire car to attack them.

Both women were strangers to him when he raped them within six days of each other after nights out clubbing.

At his sentencing hearing today, Judge Mark Dennis QC said the women were effectively abducted ‘by force or false pretence’ for his sexual gratification.

Neither had an informed desire to engage in sexual intercourse with a complete stranger, he added.

‘His intention throughout, because there is such a pattern of behaviour, was plainly for him to seize upon someone who was in such a state he could take her away for his own sexual gratification,’ said Judge Dennis.

One, aged just 17, had been enjoying a night out with friends when Hutchinson led her away to his car, drove her to a wooded area and raped her both inside and outside the vehicle.

He even filmed her on his mobile phone as she sat bare-legged in the Subaru.

The teenager had little recollection, if any the court heard, of what happened, other than finding dirt in her underwear the following day.

The other rape victim, a 24-year-old French woman, was wandering shoeless in the street when the wannabe model and actor tricked her into accepting a lift home.

But he immediately drove off to an isolated spot known as Toad Rock on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells, Kent, where she was pushed out of the vehicle and raped from behind on the bonnet.

A jury heard he was ‘frustrated’ at the time after another young woman he met in a nightclub had spurned his advances less than two hours earlier.

Neither of the 20-year-old’s rape victims had met him before the evenings they were attacked on October 2 and October 8 last year.

Hutchinson, who claimed both had consented to having sex with him, also twice engaged in sexual activity with a 14-year-old girl just weeks earlier.

Having ‘met’ on a Facebook chat group, he then ‘cold-called’ her to arrange to pick her up from school and drive her to his home.

He then plied her with alcohol until she could no longer stand before molesting her.

Eight days later he took her to Calverley Park in Tunbridge Wells and had sex with her, only stopping when he was disturbed by a dog walker.

She has since been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

During his trial last month, Hutchinson, who attended fee-paying St Bede’s in Hailsham, East Sussex, with model Lottie Moss, made a series of bizarre confessions.

These included the revelation that he watched Fifty Shades of Grey in his cell while on remand at HMP Elmley in Sheppey, Kent.

The courtroom was stunned to hear that over a weekend adjournment, and while Hutchinson was midway through giving evidence, he had tuned in to test whether the film, shown on Channel 5, gave him a sexual thrill.

Well-spoken and smartly-dressed Hutchinson told the jury it did not.

Other revelations included him openly admitting to the jury that he was ‘an opportunist’ when it came to having sex, and would go to bars intending to ‘get lucky’ and ‘achieve what he would like to achieve’.

He also confessed to trawling the internet for rape pornography, using search terms such as ‘teen rape’, ‘forced sex’ and ‘against her will’.

Hutchinson also researched an online report about a sex attack in a Tunbridge Wells nightclub toilet, as well as an article about a medical test to prove rape, within days of his own depraved crimes.

The court heard that although Hutchinson worked in Tesco and lived with his mum Louise in Mount Pleasant Road, Uckfield, East Sussex, he created an extravagant fantasy lifestyle to impress and manipulate young women he met.

He repeatedly lied that he was a successful model and wealthy city trader, with a luxury apartment in London’s Hampstead, and told one victim he could ‘open doors’ for her.

He even resorted to threatening the 17-year-old that he would report her to police because she was destroying his ‘career’.

Hutchinson also lied to his youngest victim that his aunt was ‘a top lawyer in the country’ and they would be in trouble if she told anyone his age.

He denied six offences of rape, six of sexual assault and one of attempted rape between July and October last year.

The jury deliberated for more than 33 hours before convicting him of three rape charges, and clearing him of the remaining 10 charges.

Eight of those related to two other teenagers who came forward after reading publicity about Hutchinson’s arrest.

The jury did not know that before his trial he had admitted two offences of sexual activity with the 14-year-old girl in September 2016.

Judge Dennis remarked the second of these offences ‘could not get much closer’ to rape.

Kent Police also said at the end of his trial that Hutchinson would have continued committing further serious offences had he not been caught.

Prosecutor Christopher May told the court Hutchinson had ‘a feeling of entitlement’ to behave as he did with women.

He was ‘feeling frustrated’ when he encountered his 24-year-old victim by chance as she wandered home alone and drunk in the early hours of October 8 last year.

While being raped, she repeatedly tried to fight him off, even lashing out in desperation with her lipstick.

The woman was later described as being ‘distressed, dishevelled and screaming’ when Hutchinson dropped her off at a friend’s home.

The attack by the then 19-year-old left her with a severe burn to her knee, and feeling ‘paranoid he was everywhere’, even when she knew he was in prison, having been arrested four days later.

This led to three teenagers aged 16, 17 and 18 reporting similar attacks, the court was told.

The 17-year-old was twice raped by Hutchinson on October 2 after meeting him in MooMoo Clubrooms in Tunbridge Wells.

When his mobile phone footage of the drunk teenager was played to the jury, Hutchinson described her as being ‘excitable and very drunk’ but still capable of consenting.

Mr May said Hutchinson was confronted by the 14-year-old’s father about his interest in his daughter, only for him to lie that ‘nothing was going on’.

This encounter took place within hours of him raping the French woman, and when a bite mark was visible on his arm.

The court heard Hutchinson wrote a letter to the judge in which he expressed sympathy for two of his three victims.

Michael Haynes, defending, said it was not a case where his client was a serial rapist or had sex with an unconscious woman, but one where he had made a judgement which was ‘out of kilter’.

‘His letter shows there appears to be recognition by him of his inability to correctly interpret the situation when he has had a bit to drink,’ he added.

Hutchinson spent three days giving evidence in court, starting on what was his 20th birthday.

He said he had always had a lot of female friends, preferring their company because he had been bullied as a child.

Describing himself as flirtatious and having ‘a good understanding’ of women, he added: ‘I have always found it easier to engage with women.

‘I learned a lot about what women liked and didn’t like, and what they found attractive.’

Before attending £7,000 (POUNDS) a term St. Bede’s to study for AS levels, Hutchinson was a pupil at Uckfield Community Technology College as well as a Montessori private school.

Hutchinson told the court he regularly lied about his background because people ‘bestowed an expectation’ on him due to his private education, well-spoken voice and owning horses.

During his trial the jury also heard a phone call he made to a friend in which he boasted about taking a 16-year-old’s virginity in what he described as a play-fight, only for his friend to reply: ‘It sounds like rape.’

However, Hutchinson was cleared of all charges relating to her, including rape.

The third teenager, aged 18, claimed he sexually assaulted and tried to rape her after driving her to his stables in the Sussex village of Berwick late at night.

She told the court he laughed as he pinned her on the unlit barn floor, put his hands under her clothing and told her she ‘wanted it’.

However, she said she fought him off by punching him in the face. Again he was cleared of all offences relating to her.

He was originally charged with a further three offences of rape, one of attempted rape and two of sexual assault in relation to a fifth woman between November 1, 2015, and April 1 last year.

However, no evidence was offered before his trial started in respect of all six offences after the alleged victim stated she no longer wanted to support the prosecution.

Hutchinson’s mum was in court throughout his trial but did not attend once the jury began its deliberations, to hear the verdicts or for the sentencing hearing.

She also wrote a letter to Judge Dennis, which he said showed a different side to her son.

In a victim impact statement made by the French woman she said she will never return to England.

‘I’m not sure I can trust men anymore or be in a relationship,’ she wrote.

‘My father told me ‘You have lost the stars from your eyes’.’ 

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Pledger, of the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate said: ‘Chiron Hutchinson is an aggressive, dangerous and predatory sex offender. He forced his victims to endure some truly harrowing ordeals, committing a number of very serious sexual offences over a matter of just a few days.

‘These victims have subsequently shown tremendous courage to give evidence in court and ensure Hutchinson is now serving a lengthy prison sentence.

‘Without their bravery I have no doubt Hutchinson would have remained a persistent and significant threat to any young women who may have encountered him.’ 


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