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Fotis Dulos arrives in court to testify in civil case

Fotis Dulos arrives in Connecticut court to testify in civil case about the $2.5million in unpaid loans he ‘owes’ the family of his missing ex-wife Jennifer as he awaits a criminal trial over her disappearance

  • Dulos is charged with evidence tampering in the disappearance of his ex-wife Jennifer
  • She vanished in May and her body has never been found 
  • Separately, he is being sued by her family who say he owes them $2.5million
  • As part of that case, he arrived in court today to testify in a risky legal move
  • Anything he says on the stand can be used by prosecutors against him in the criminal case 
  • They believe he ‘lay in wait’ for Jennifer at her home in Connecticut the day she disappeared 
  • They were in the midst of a bitter divorce and custody battle at the time  

Fotis Dulos, a suspect in the disappearance of his missing ex-wife Jennifer, arrived in court in Connecticut on Monday to testify about their marriage as part of a civil lawsuit launched by her family. 

Dulos has not been charged with harming Jennifer- who has been missing since May – or killing her, but police have accused him and his girlfriend of tampering with evidence. 

They have also suggested that DNA belonging to his ex-wife was found in his car and said in an arrest warrant that he likely ‘lay in wait’ for her the day she vanished. Her body has never been found. 

Jennifer has been missing since May

Fotis Dulos on Tuesday, arriving at court. His wife Jennifer has been missing since May 

While he awaits his next court appearance in the criminal case, Dulos is simultaneously being sued by his ex-wife’s mother, Gloria Farberl, who says he owes her $2.5million in unpaid loans. 

In a risky and unorthodox move on Tuesday, Fotis decided to take the stand in that case. 

While it was not about Jennifer’s disappearance, anything he says about their marriage could be used as part of the criminal case.

Early on Tuesday morning, his attorney Norm Pattis told CBS This Morning: ‘These commercial transactions took place years ago.

‘We don’t think they shed any light whatsoever on the criminal allegations,’ he said. 

Jennifer’s mother sued Fotis in January 2018, 18 months before she vanished, claiming he had reneged on business loans that their family gave him. 

Since her disappearance, the family has issued multiple statements to express their pain and asking for information which could lead to solving the mystery of what happened to her. 

Jennifer’s friends have outwardly pointed the finger at Fotis and have asked him to reveal where her body is. 

He has vehemently denied having anything to do with her disappearance and says the case has anguished him because it is keeping him from his five children. 

His girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, is also expected to testify as part of the civil lawsuit. 



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