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Four Simple Improvements That Boost Real Estate Sale Potential

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Improving the living spaces of your home is a worthwhile goal – and one that most homeowners occasionally pursue. However, there are numerous reasons to improve the ambiance, functionality and appeal of a particular room or area. For some, simple personal tastes justify an improvement. For others, creating a more welcoming atmosphere for social situations is the prime objective.

However, it should also be considered that home improvements can also boost the appeal of your home when placing it on the real estate market. Whether you’re looking to attract people to an open house or are negotiating on closing the deal with a prospective buyer, some home improvements can boost appeal in meaningful ways.

Let’s examine four simple improvements that can truly add appeal to any home real estate listing.

Door Painting or Replacement

Enhancing the appeal of your home’s exterior is crucial in maximizing its real estate sale potential. One of the simplest yet most effective improvements you can utilize to boost curb appeal is the replacement or renovation of your current door.

In some cases, an antiquated or dilapidated door may need to be fully replaced. However, and in most cases, a fresh coat of paint can revive the exterior of the home and attract attention in ways older, faded doors do not. Bay Title Company, which offers real estate closing, title and escrow services in South Florida, understands that curb appeal is a huge component for prospective homeowners deciding on properties. As such, this highly affordable improvement should be considered.

Front Lawn Landscaping

Attracting potential buyers to your real estate listing is accomplished through a variety of methods, but the exterior of the property is the first thing people usually see. Whether visiting in-person or virtually, the landscape of your property tells its own story.

While any property should be mowed and pruned prior to listing it on the market, additional landscaping projects – such as mulching, adding borders, sprucing up trees. and even adding some seasonal color, can dramatically enhance sale potential and appeal. In most cases, several minor landscaping projects can be done for less than a few hundred dollars.

New, Efficient Windows

Energy efficiency is all the rage these days, and buyers want to obtain properties that have natural energy efficiency potential. Especially in older homes and buildings, windows can dull the appeal if they are outdated. By installing new, energy efficient windows in your property, you can brighten up rooms and improve views at the same time that you’re promising big savings for the next owner.

Given that windows account for 20 to 30 percent of heating and cooling loss, new windows can save $500 per more or year on utility bills.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Major kitchen remodels are in high demand, due in large part to such renovations holding value for many years. While a major kitchen remodel may be ideal for homeowners who aren’t moving, minor kitchen remodels are a better choice for those who want to increase sales appeal now.

This form of investment can cost half or less of a typical kitchen remodel, and will recoup around 90% of the investment. If your home isn’t budging on the market and you want to invest to improve its chances of selling quickly, then consider minor remodeling projects in the kitchen.

Depending on the market, home and overall appeal, your home may take days, weeks or even months to sell. If time is of the essence, then increasing its sales potential now requires action. These four projects can help increase desirability, generate more leads and hopefully allow you to sell your property in a shorter amount of time.

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