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Four Types Of Homes You Should Avoid As A First Time Homebuyer

If you’re a first-time homebuyer and you’re looking for an excellent property to purchase, there are some home types you should avoid. You may find an ample number of houses, but you shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking they are all worthy of being purchased. Many newbies often ignore this reality; hence, they just go for any home they find as long as it falls within their budget. In most cases, they often regret putting their money on such properties. If you’re a first-time homebuyer and you want to purchase your dream home, you should avoid buying any of the following types of homes:

The Fixed-up Houses

The Color Toner Experts

You should beware of houses where everything is cosmetics and temporary. Such homes will be beautifully painted, and they look highly attractive. These kinds of homes can be appealing to a first time home buyer, but for an experienced homebuyer, it won’t. The paintings and other temporary designs may be to conceal some faults and damages in the house. They may be covering defects and severe problems like cracks in the walls, and lots more. Some homeowners will also design their homes to conceal the Termite problem and seepage. Such issues may get you stressed and cause you headaches when you finally find them after moving into your supposed new home. To avoid issues like this that can affect your quality of life in your new home, you should either stay away from purchasing Fixed-up homes or get a building inspection done to find out any likely defect in the house. For more information about this, visit

Bargain Houses

As a first time home buyer, you don’t want to purchase a home that requires you to spend a lot on the renovation. Bargain houses are damaged houses that will sell at low prices. Buying a home like this requires that you spend a lot on the renovation. If you are looking for a property to resell, you may consider this kind of house. However, if you need a home to live in, it is not ideal for you. You should ask yourself whether you have the time, energy, and extra expenses to spend on the renovation. If you don’t, just look the other way, and find a better property to purchase.

Unsuitable Homes

If you’re a first-time homebuyer and desire to get a home where you can stay, you should avoid buying a home that’s not right for you. Such houses will either be too big or too small. They may also be costlier than you can afford. You should also avoid buying a home out of frustration because you’re fed up of searching and not finding the right home you want. If you go for a house that’s too big and too expensive than you can afford, not only will you be affected by the humongous amount you paid, you will also have to spend a lot on maintenance. You can save yourself such stress by merely going for a home with a reasonable size to accommodate yourself and your family as the case may be. You should also go for a home that sells at an affordable price. You should also avoid buying a home that’s too small for your needs. Such a home will be unsuitable and may affect your quality of living. While a small house may be suitable for a single person, it may be inappropriate for a family.

The Home That Dares To Be Different

Beware of homes that are different from the other houses in their locality. If you purchase such a home, your house will be unique, it will be easily identified and may be the target of thefts, Halloween pranks, drive-by gawker, and several others. For instance, if you want a classic home with a luxurious structure, you shouldn’t get one in a poor neighborhood where most houses are old-fashioned. You should instead go to areas where you will find similar structures. That way, you will be safer, and you don’t have to be scared of being perceived as the “big man in the neighborhood” whose house may always be the target of thefts. On the other hand, if you need a home with a simple structure or one that’s old-fashioned, you shouldn’t go to a classic neighborhood to get one because you might feel inferior and intimidated as you continue living in such an environment. However, if you think you have the money to step up the structure to look like the others in the area, you may consider getting the old-fashioned house.

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