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Free Mac Games

Apple fans are used to free iPhone and iPad apps, but they don’t tend to think so much about free games for MacOS. This is a disappointment because there are a lot of good freebies Mac gaming sites.

Not only Mac App Store is loaded with free games, there are also more gaming sites where you can grab some amazing free Mac games that are good fun to play without spending a penny. These are either informal or hobby games, but full-blown encounters of high quality.

Remember that you may need to briefly change the security settings in System Preferences > Protection & Privacy > General before playing for the first time. Set Accept downloaded apps from to Anywhere, begin the device once, check that you’re OK with it, and then restore your machine configuration settings to a higher security rate. In this you will get to know about some of the free mac games.


“Fortnite” is the best player on consoles from now on. What makes this game captured the gaming fans ‘ attention is the gameplay that is incredibly entertaining. All the players have to fight for survival in the royal war. And the one who fails to kill all the others becomes the only one left. Players must obtain solid equipment along the way and gather all the main sources to keep in the chase. They also need to create covers to defend themselves from their rivals ‘ brutal attack. In addition, it also offers the option to stay ahead in the deathmatch with family!

Heroes of the storm:

“HEROES OF THE STORM” is very entertaining and must be an epic battle for the people. You have to play the role of a heroic hero in this game and battle against the evil forces to preserve world peace. You will have to face massive obstacles at every move because the opponents are not only battered with deadly weapons, but have tremendous energy as well. Therefore, the sinister plan must be one step ahead of you. Your strong player squad is what can hold you going for a long time. So don’t forget to join forces and cash-in-on every chance to grab all kinds of goodies to unleash your strength.

Gods of drifting:

” Gods of Drifting ” are ready to take you on a long crazy fast riding spree. Note, this simulation of car racing varies significantly from many of its predecessors. Therefore, it will potentially require any learning curve. Though, once you’ve got the better of the strategies, it won’t be too far ahead to overkill any task that comes your way. Fly on 30 circuits of the world class and get the best time. Oh yeah, hold your one eye on the leaderboard as you’ve got to let everyone know how good you’re at hypercar handling!

Contract killer 2:

Time to take on a legendary contract killer’s job! Sneak into your rivals ‘ territory to shoot them out before anyone can even open their eyes and figure out who shot them. Make the best use of scopes and silencers for achieve long-range assassinations. Use the shield and camouflage to perform melee assaults flawlessly. The game offers some unique challenges in checking your abilities and having you entrenched as well. Oh yes, in exchange you’re still getting pretty special names, badges oh bonuses.

2048 game:

Kfirapps’ “2048 Game” is an iconic puzzle game. And to understand why it’s so fascinating, you have to give a shot.

As for playing, it’s pretty straightforward as you just need to click up / down / left / right to push the tiles in the preferred direction. Only when the two tiles meet the same amount do they converge. And continue to press the arrow before you hit the jackpot!

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