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Friendly cat comes over to ‘help’ every time she sees her owner cry

This adorable feline loves its owner so much its rushes to her side every time she cries – even when she’s faking it.

Zaynab, 6, and her pet Persian cat Juliet are inseparable, as this hilarious video shows.

The family bought the Persian two years ago for older sister Shiraz. They named the moggy Juliet.

But soon Shiraz realised her cat preferred her sister Zaynab and so she decided to give her the feline friend.

When her sister found out about her present she began to cry with happiness.

Straight away Juliet leapt up and began to ‘kiss her’, showing off the a ‘special chemistry’ with its new owner.

The cat liked its new owner so much, in fact, that it refused to leave her side.

And whenever she cried it would jump to attend her.

Now, the adorable pet runs to Zaynab whenever she is in distress – whether or not she is faking it.

The video, filmed in New York, shows Juliet displaying her full affection.

Juliet the Persian cat cannot help but run over when she hears her owner cry

A bemused dog looks on. 

‘Whether she pretending or not, my cat will always be by her side’, said Shiraz.

‘Therefore, my little sister has a second mom. Which is nice.

‘Everyone was telling it’s a rare thing that they have a special bond. My little sister always wakes up in the morning cleaning her dishes, feeds her, gives her water.

‘My mom gives her a bath sometimes and my sister helps her. It’s the cutest thing.’