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Furious Spanish traveller rants about common ‘careless’ Aussie greeting

Angry Spanish traveller exposes a ‘careless’ Aussie greeting – and claims she knows why why its takes Australian men and women so long to have sex

  • The Spanish woman was stopped by a Perth performer and TikToker 
  • She claims Aussies say ‘how are you?’ as a way of saying ‘hello’ 
  • She also said men aren’t direct enough when it comes to sex  

A Spanish traveller has pointed out one common phrase ‘all Australians’ say that grinds her gears – and vented her frustrations about the dating culture Down Under.

Perth performer and comedian, ‘Mr Sikkant’, interviewed the woman on the street recenty where he asked her a series of questions about Australia and Spain.

The woman, named Vera, said it made her ‘angry’ every time Aussies used ‘how are you?’ instead of ‘hello’ as a greeting.

She also believes Spanish people are far more direct and don’t ‘beat around the bush’ when it comes to relationships or sex.

The woman named Vera (pictured) claims Aussie's say 'how are you?' as if they're meaning to say 'hello'

Perth performer and comedian who calls himself Mr Sikkant (left) candidly interviewed a Spanish woman on the street. The woman named Vera (right) claims Aussie’s say ‘how are you?’ as if they’re meaning to say ‘hello’


Is it annoying to use ‘how are you?’ instead of ‘hello’?

‘Most people (in Australia) when they say ‘how are you?’ they don’t even expect an answer in return, because it’s like ‘hello’. And that makes me so angry because you don’t even know if the person actually cares what you’re feeling,’ Vera said in the TikTok video.

Mr Sikkant agreed with her claims then asked: ‘So Spanish people are more cognisant of knowing what the other person wants to say?’

Vera replied: ‘I think in Spain everything is more direct. As in, for example, everything to do with nudity and sex and drugs is a very open conversation.’

‘In Spain if my friend wants to have sex and I want to have sex with that person, then that’s it, it’s as simple as that. You’re not playing mind games if like ‘Oh I’m going to ignore this person for weeks on end’.’

Then Mr Sikkant asked if it’s not ‘fun’ to play games when you’re single, and Vera said there’s a ‘fine line between fun and annoying’.

Some TikTokers agreed with what Vera was saying about Aussie’s, while others weren’t convinced.  

‘She’s right about the how are you part,’ one person wrote. 

‘Wrong. she obviously doesn’t know. we say ‘how you going’,’ another added.


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