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Furniture accessories, drawer slides and more – Furnica

In a rapidly changing world, the availability of products exactly at the moment we need them is crucial. Are you looking for unusual sizes of furniture ball runners in large quantities? Or maybe some hinges exactly suited to your project? In any case, be sure to check out why it is worth getting to know Furnica – your proven furniture accessories supplier!

Furnica furniture business – values first

Furnica’s activity is focused on providing high-quality furniture accessories and components. The demand for products used in production, as well as semi-finished products, is extremely high due to the huge demand for furniture in Europe, which has not been suppressed even by the ongoing crisis.

Furnica, established in Great Britain, has enjoyed growing popularity for years. So much so that the company has grown rapidly – it currently has over a dozen offices in Europe and a separate unit in the United States. From a small, even home-based, family business, a quite big juggernaut emerged, but still shares the same business values ​​as at the beginning.

In Furnica we can find a lot of various types of furniture accessories. Virtually everything that is needed to consume a complete set of furniture – kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, wardrobe or living room sofas – can be purchased separately or together in Furnica.

Furniture slides and drawer accessories

A good example of how the range of Furnica furniture accessories is arranged are the individual categories, such as furniture drawers. It does not matter whether we are a B2B customer, e.g. a furniture factory, another wholesaler or a retail customer. In any case, we can count on the execution of an order of any volume at attractive wholesale prices.

It is an open secret that today, in the age of globalization, everything is subject to unification processes. So we have several types of A-products, several types of B-products … you know what it is. At the Furnica furniture accessories store, however, we are able to choose between dozens of types of individual products and accessories. Are you looking for a furniture slide of very unusual dimensions, but at the same time you want it to be a soft-close slide and not to have a full-extension mechanism? On the contrary – are you looking for a mirror configuration of the product? In any case, in Furnica you should find what you are looking for.

Convenient shopping interface

When enjoying shopping, we want not only to get high quality products at a low price. The entire shopping ecosystem is also important, and when shopping online, the interface is even more important. At Furnica, you will find a multitude of product categories that are exactly tailored to your needs. You can choose intuitively which types of furniture accessories you want to see, even when you don’t know exactly what they are called! It’s no longer a problem. Furniture lighting solutions, drawer equipment, brackets, fittings, under shelf storages – these and much more are awaiting your searches. Don’t let them feel disappointed!