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Gambling companies are rushing to find new opportunities for growth and all eyes are set on the Dutch market

With the digital revolution in full swing, impacting everything from the economy to innovation and lifestyle, the gambling industry is undergoing startling transformation and surging in popularity across the globe, the revenue from leading companies increased significantly.

This is largely motivated by technologies such as hybrid games, virtual reality, and augmented reality, which come to the help of casino operators that wish to stand out from the crowd and succeed in this highly competitive industry. Many of them are looking forward to expanding internationally. There are numerous choices when it comes to global expansion destinations. The Netherlands remains one of the top markets for expansion.

The iGaming market in the Netherland is poised to become Europe’s greatest

The fact of the matter is that many gambling companies have their eyes set on the Dutch market. This doesn’t really come as a surprise taking into consideration the fact that it’s poised to become Europe’s “biggest”, with many local players spending money on gambling-related activities.

The new online gambling legislation will make it possible for private operators to apply for a license and cater to the needs of Dutch players. Everyone has been looking forward to this for a long time. The Netherlands Gambling Authority hasn’t been idle in the past couple of years, contrary to what is assumed. Great efforts have been made to speed up the process of legalizing online gambling activities.

Many European countries have been reluctant to offer licenses for providing online gambling services, so companies have been forced to set up offices in places with favorable conditions, of which mention can be made of Malta. Nevertheless, many casino operators have insisted on locating their offices in the European continent and legally offering online gambling services.

The outcome is that nations such as Italy, Spain, Denmark, France, Belgium, and so forth, have legalized and regulated the online market. The Netherlands will too allow for mobile/online wagering. Given that roughly 1 million Dutch players come in contact with gambling websites, it’s expected that the Dutch online gambling market will ensure lasting profitability.

There’s a fight brewing over what gambling companies to give licenses to

Several large web platforms from overseas accept bets from Dutch players who can leverage bonuses and loyalty programs. Online slots, table games, and sports betting enjoy a great deal of popularity. Residents take pleasure in playing slots featuring food symbols such as oranges, watermelons, lemons, cherries, bananas, and so on. Sorry if reading this has made you hungry.

Everyone is seeking to be alone in the kitchen and sneaking a spoonful of Nutella. By the way, you should check out food sins by Eating With Sean. Now, let’s get back on track here. The Dutch online gambling market will open soon enough and authorities will push for a safe environment.

The reorganization of the Dutch market was supposed to be a quick and smooth process, but it proved to be long and rather tedious. Companies that are looking forward to operating within the fully regulated market are able to submit their license applications. In the following weeks, a great many gambling companies will apply for obtaining permission to conduct gambling activities.

They will be tested against a large number of criteria, such as prevention of addiction, the fairness of the games, and more. Approximately 40 gambling companies will file for a license to legally enter the Dutch market. The gambling regulator is expected to approve 35 out of the 40 applications.

Applying for an online gambling license in the Netherlands

Running a business that involves online gambling activities requires a specific type of license. To apply for an online gambling license is necessary to be at least 18 years old and be authorized to make an application on behalf of the gambling company, for instance, if you’re a manager or director.

A potential owner of the Netherlands gambling license must live or have an office in Europe, pass an integrity assessment, and assure the competent authorities that every aspect of the new online gaming portal is alright. What is more, it’s necessary to pay a hefty fee for passing the application process, in addition to other taxes.

As far as the Dutch demands are concerned, while they might seem harsh, they’re not as strict as compared to the demands issued by other gambling destinations. Game integrity testing must be certified by an independent laboratory, irrespective of the type of game offered, which will certify that there aren’t any issues with the graphics or user interface.

Remote casino licensees with gambling equipment located outside of the Netherlands must undergo a background check to ensure there’s no connection with criminal activity and they don’t have fraudulent tendencies. As it’s clear to see, the Netherlands has rather strict legislation, so one should be thoroughly prepared.

What are the success factors for iGaming in the Netherlands?

Dutch supervisory bodies are willing to discuss with licensed parties to make sure that compliance is maintained. Being licensed in the Netherlands undoubtedly casts a positive light on the beholders because the country is renowned for its transparency, not to mention the well-respected government institutions.

To put it simply, to be licensed in the Netherlands means that the casino operator is highly reliable. iGaming brings about elaborate legislation and a regulatory framework. Consumer data, such as transaction information, has to be protected from prying eyes. It’s imperative to have a data vault in a highly secure location.

Casino operators in the Netherlands are now experimenting with artificial intelligence and machine learning, better serving current and future customers. Those who want to enjoy success should choose an IT partner that can offer foolproof services.  And let’s not forget about bonuses.

A casino bonus provided by casinos online is no little thing, just to be clear. All in all, the gaming firm has to prove it’s worthy of operating in the Dutch market by offering an impressive variety of slots and casino games. It may not be easy, but what is it?

When it comes down to online gambling, technical requirements are driven by the user experience. This basically means that players demand and even expect visually attractive applications that run effortlessly on multiple devices, whether mobile or smart TV. The web platform, together with its underlying infrastructure should deliver the ideal experience in all contexts, regardless of the spikes and bursts in player numbers.