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Gaming Lingo 2022: 14 Terms Every Gambler Must Know

The online casino industry has changed the way we think about gambling forever, and like most other subcultures, it developed its own lingo. Understanding gambling slang is incredibly important regardless of where you play.

It doesn’t matter if you are playing at a poker table full of pros, with your friends, or online, as one thing’s for sure – you never want to look or sound like a complete noob. And with online gambling is even worse, because you can end up as a meme in the community.

“Online gaming is fast, fun, and volatile. No one has time to explain to you what everything means, and you’ll have to find a way to learn all the most important expressions by yourself”, reveals Anna Rosak.

Anna, who has a soft spot for what she calls good old slot games, dedicated her career to helping gamblers find casinos and games that work for them, and has great knowledge of the scene. That is why we asked her to share the hottest casino slang with us.

Why Does Casino Slang Change?

It is hard to pinpoint a reason why expressions used in the gambling industry change. Anna Rosak believes one of the main reasons for the change is the fact that every new generation wants to distinguish itself from the previous one.

Furthermore, she thinks technological advances simply make people use more abbreviations and shorthand.

“Times change, and so does slang. In the 1960s, going to a casino was like attending a cocktail party: a reason to dress up, sip drinks, and play a few hands. Now, things are much more casual, but also happen at a faster pace, especially at online casinos.

There aren’t that many people willing to chat and comment hands”, she says and adds, “And don’t forget about internet trolls, just lurking for you to make a mistake!”

To help you avoid the trolls, and leave an impression, she created a list of the most important casino slang terms in 2022.

Bankroll – your total gaming budget for a certain session or visit to the casino. Consider this your bank balance, the total amount you can spend. Once it dries out, you’ll have to fund it.

Barber pole – a stack of chips in different denominations and colors. “It is considered rude to have barber pole chips, and you should always try to organize them by color”, warns Anna.

Card-sharp – a player who is especially skilled in card games. “Sometimes they call those guys – Sharpies”, laughs Anna.

Chalk – betting on the favorite, for instance in sports like football.

Comps – or complimentary points are actually loyalty points provided by the casino.

“They can be exchanged for free chips, bonuses, and even free drinks and different discounts”, explains our expert and adds how the entire program is usually free, so there is no reason not to sign up: “Look, if you get free parking, it was already worth it.

Also, some online casinos might offer you solid rewards, rebates, and even bonus money and free spins.”

Face cards – cards with pictures on them. This expression has nothing to do with cards facing up or down.

Fruit Machine – another expression used for slot machines.

“In the past, most slots were embellished with fruits like cherries and lemons”, she tells and continues: “Now, the designs are far more elaborate, yet the name remains. Sometimes they even call them fruity games.”

Juice – the commission that is taken by the house per game. “Most online casinos don’t take any juice from you”, reveals our guest specialist.

King Kong – a hand in poker consisting of two kings. “Take this one with a grain of salt, as different communities have different names for the same hand. King Kong is probably the most recognizable, but some might say it is Double Elvis, or whatever”, clarifies our bingo fan.

Noob – also called n00b or newb, is a gamer who is a complete beginner, with no experience. The unwritten rule is not to make fun of them.

Railbirds – people who only watch the game, but never play. “Even at online casinos it happens that only a few customers actually play the game, while the rest watches and makes comments in chat”, Anna is honest.

Pit Boss – the person who supervises the entire gaming floor. “At online casinos, you probably won’t notice them, but they are still present in every live gaming studio”, says Anna.

Sheep – another term used for beginners, but especially those that are naive and can easily be fooled or dragged into an all-in game with weak cards.

Whale – big players, not necessarily skilled ones. They only have a much bigger bankroll than most others, but that doesn’t mean they make better decisions or have better strategies.