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Gaming Technology to Be Popular in 2020

With advances in streaming and game software technology, there are certain trends to look forward to and titles to explore this year. Here are some technology advances that bring forth different experiences in gaming, whether one tries them on desktops or their mobile devices.

Augmented Reality

Pokemon Go is one title to try in this category. It has been a hit since its launch a few years ago and new people are trying it every day. The gameplay holds the attention of the players for a limited time period. It has shown how different people, often strangers, come together in this title. Packs of teens have roamed the streets or populated a Pokestop; these are outdoor activities that this unique title offers. The AR aspect of it has added novelty to the theme even if the features or the levels are not that extensive.

This makes other kinds of software, such as casino games enjoyable as well. As resolution and visuals improve of casino video slots and other titles, these become more enjoyable. Because it’s possible to play slots for fun. One can easily log in at any of the casino portals online and enjoy diverse themed slots and card or poker titles.

Virtual Reality

This is another technology platform that is emerging. Virtual reality is expected to become popular and more affordable. One can take a look at Steam or Oculus Rift. These are titles that are promising and on high demand. PS4 has its own version of VR headsets that also are set to be more accessible. With many people already owning a PS4 as well as Gear, one can easily try popular titles like Minecraft on this platform. People can see friends taking up avatars in VR software that would make gameplay immersive and interactive as well.

Different Themes

Video software is not only being developed to adapt to different technologies but are also ways to reach audiences with diverse themes and topics. Most of them are based on different storylines and themes to cater to all and sundry. Different topics and situations are presented in such ways that the entertainment industry helps to spread awareness about diverse social topics as well.

Console Upgrades

This is a trend in gaming software design, and this year there are new iterations expected in PS4 and Xbox. The Xbox One S has been announced, and there would be upgrades in hardware and design of the latest versions as well. One can even find similar changes in PS4 Neo of Sony. Technology and computer iteration releases are coming up annually, and hence, this year we will also see several upgrades in our favourite consoles.

Mobile Games

This is another sector that promises much improvement. Nintendo has entered the market of mobile gaming. One can also find new games every day through their dedicated app stores.

Streaming on 5G

This is another aspect that has been changing concerning gaming. Due to cloud computing and 5G, internet speeds have increased. As a result, many people find it convenient even to play high-resolution games on their mobile devices. This has brought in less reliance on purchasing software from stores. There is more ease with which one can stream software on their mobiles or download them. Previously, apps that were larger than 200 MB in capacity needed to have Wi-Fi connectivity. With 5G strength in cellular data, such restrictions do not apply any more. The latest version of iOS devices also allows users to download the software without limits.

Even multiplayer titles are easy to stream and play. This has brought in more versatility in the mobile gaming scenario as well as allows users to be able to connect and play on the go. Games that are streamed live are also of the latest versions, removing the need to have updates or having to install newer versions of upgrades on computers or apps.

Cloud Computing

There has been a rise of cloud computing technology which helps PC users to stream or play instantly with an internet connection. The connections are faster and more dependable, allowing users to play games by logging into their iCloud account from any random computer. It also removes the need to have updates installed from time to time. It is easier to access updated games on the internet. This is one reason why many can play eSports and different kinds of video games.

Apple Arcade

This is a novel service started by Apple in September 2019. This allows users of the App Store to pay monthly fees and access different kinds of games. There are no additional costs involved such as in-app purchases. The company is also teaming up with different developers to create exclusive and new games for this service. It is set to have 100 or more games, and every week new titles are added. It also means that developers would be partnering to provide software or content that would be suitable for this platform.

Big Franchises for Mobile Platforms

Many of the eSport brands and titles are now being designed to be played on small screens of smartphones and tablets. One can now enjoy a dedicated version of Call of Duty on their mobile phones. The features as well as levels are of the original versions and include bundled offerings such as battle royale maps and others. The apps also provide console-like experiences, with intuitive controls and clean interfaces. These features would be improved upon more over the days to come.

Holographic Games

Hologram technology has come in and is on the rise. Holograms help create life-like experiences in gaming, helping to remove the barriers of screens, whether it is of televisions or display screens of computers and mobiles. Holograms help in creating a more immersive experience of gameplay. Sony Interactive Entertainment is in the business of creating such screens and such holographic displays would soon be made compatible with smartphones, AR and VR headsets.