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GERD,,What it is? How it gets triggered?: A guide to know everything about GERD

Well, we all sometimes face upset stomach, acidity, burning sensation in stomach n heart burn, n wonder what it is and why it is happening.

The main reason of that acidic sensation is because the acidic fluid of the stomach starts to flow in the wrong direction and starts to come back to your esophagus (a tube that connects your mouth to stomach) and starts irritating its lining, this refluxing back of the acidic fluid is known as Acid reflux, but id this condition remains persistent it can cause the Gastroesophageal reflux disease commonly known as GERD

Most of us can relate to this feeling, as it occurs to most of us time to time. This acid reflux has different severity from mild acidic sensation to severe acid reflux. GERD can be controlled with different lifestyle and dietary changes and sometimes people do need medication along with the lifestyle change to gain a long term effect. But if negligence is shown in taking food and medication these diseases can get worse and one might end up getting surgery to keep the working of acidic fluid in check.

What are the basic symptoms of GERD

  • Basic symptoms of GERD includes heart burn( Burning sensation in chest region), can cause after excessive eating, or lying down soon after you had a heavy fried meal, that can worsen at night.
  • It also includes shooting pain in chest.
  • You might feel difficulty in swallowing; can even cause vomiting and excessive gags.
  • Feeling of having a lymph in the throat
  • Blotting
  • Excessive coughing
  • Mild Difficulty in breathing (asthama)
  • You might feel Laryngitis
  • Continuous regurgitation of sour liquid or food
  • Disturbance in sleep

What causes GERD?

GERD is a reaction of frequent reflux of stomach acid. There are several circular muscle band in the bottom region of esophagus that helps in easy swallowing by relaxing the muscles around lower esophageal sphincter during eating and drinking. After passing the food through esophagus the esophageal sphincter closes again. But if the esophageal sphincter does not work properly or gets weaken or does not relax easily, the acidic fluid from the stomach flows upward. This frequents uprising of the acidic fluid can cause irritation in the inner lining of the esophagus and can cause the sensation of burning and inflammation

When to take medical help

Experiencing GERD symptoms more than twice a week indicates that you might be suffering from it so it is important to see a doctor and get medicines to avoid acid reflux. Along with that It is advised to take immediate medical assistance when you have severe chest pain, along with shortness of breath and pain in left arm. Along with GERD symptom they are also the crucial symptoms of heart attack, so it is necessary to take these symptoms seriously and consult a doctor for medical plan.

Foods to fight GERD

Things we eat play an important role in our daily life and overall health. It determines our internal health and external skin reaction. Eating high acidic food can cause acne and poor skin health and most of all it can cause upset stomach and GERD . Eating light and less acidic food can change a lot not only in your health nut also lifestyle. Avoid foods that are fried, have excess fat, carbonated  and are very spicy because they can cause inflmation Following is the GERD guide of foods that helps to reduce irritation of stomach, blotting, and heart burn.


This is the best beverage that you can have, it is a necessity of life but along with that it has many health benefits. Water does not only cleanse the body of harmful toxins but can also hydrate your body. It provides relaxation to the inflammatory sensation of the stomach. Increase intake of water if you have frequent acidic refluxes. Also avoid sugary, carbonated drinks, as they can increase gas to the stomach and can cause severe inflammation. So if you have GERD, plain water is your best friend.


Breakfast is an important meal of the day so it should be nutrient packed not fat packed, so it is important not have a heavy fat induced breakfast. Oat meal with the low acidic fruits will not only soothes the inflammation but is also a very healthy and refreshing meal choice.oat meal is full of fibers so it will fill you up nicely and it will make you feel refreshed all day.

Olive Oil

Fat can worsen the GERD condition but it does not mean that every fat is bad. You need good fat in an appropriate amount to get your body working, and you can get the good fat that not only gives you the nutrition but also be gentle on your GERD. Butter, Margarine and vegetable oil should be your worst enemy if you have a GERD condition, they can increase the blotting sensation. It is best to exchange the bad fat with the good fat like olive oil that is not only light with less fat and calories. It fulfills your fat intake in a maintained way and won’t be heavy on your stomach

Celery and Lettuce

Greens never disappoints, Use these mild, refreshing green vegetables that is not only good for your gassy stomach, but also for your overall health. These greeny veggies are low in calories and high in health, it gives you refreshing feeling that not only reduces the burning sensation and it also reduce the feeling of blotting. You can use it as a salad or also enjoy the green celery smoothie.

Root vegetables

Roots vegetables are packed with all good nutrients, digestible fibers and healthy carbs. They are quite fulfilling and do not upset your stomach but the pro tip is to don’t cook with onions and garlic, or excessive oils and spices to avoid irritation or heartburn. Some of the root vegetables are potatoes, carrots, parsnips, ginger and turnips.


Adding spinach in your diet is a delicious yet a very healthy option. It can reduce the symptoms of Gastroesophageal reflux disease as it is an alkaline food that relaxes upset, acidic stomach. Spinach is full of water, minerals and vitamins and dietary fibers that ensure easy digestion. And this relaxed digestion avoids GERD symptoms.


When it comes to soothing the inflammation of GERD, Fennel is the best option because of its mild licorice flavor, that works efficiently on the inflammatory sensation. Fennel intake can also soothe upset stomach. It also helps in controlling the symptoms and causes of GERD. You can eat it as both main dish or use it as a side dish. You can also eat it raw or as a salad.


Chicken is a good source of protein but make sure not to fry it, fry oily foods can cause inflammation. Remove the skin and bake or steam cook your chicken and enjoy a healthy, low fat healthy meal.