Get a valuable Kid’s Ride-On Toy From TOBBI

Every child should have a loved ride-on toy in his or her precious childhood. A suitable ride-on gives them more than a playful toy, but a way to experience the colorful real world with thrilling speed and realistic driving. Kid’s ride-on toys get children outdoors, make them braver and help to improve their interpersonal and motor skills, keep fit and more.

However, there are numerous types of kid’s ride-on toys for sale nowadays. Are you ever confused about how to pick a proper ride-on toy as a gift to your child? This article will introduce several kinds of ride-on and provide you with some worthwhile suggestions.

How to choose a suitable ride-on for kids?

How to choose a suitable ride-on for kids? You should know different types of varied kinds of kid’s cars and their characteristics. There is a brief introduction of some main types of kid’s ride-ons. Hope you can decide what you should buy for your kids after reading the article.


Trucks differ greatly in size, power, and configuration but usually very large and powerful. Trucks always attract curious children by their robust details: big roadwheels, large chassis, suspension, an area for placing cargo or equipment. Many also tow one or more trailers or semi-trailers.

Do you know what’s the difference between truck& tractor? A commercial vehicle without a trailer or other articulation is formally a “straight truck” while one designed specifically to pull a trailer is not a truck but a “tractor”.

Get a truck or tractor, let your children join in your family farm work, for example, when mowing the lawn, he or she can help you transport cargos. That would be beneficial for building muscles and motor skills, boosting self-confidence, learning to cooperate, etc. Sounds great?


Many new parents as laymen are always confused with the difference between     ATV&UTV when choosing an appropriate ride-on for their kids. Let’s have a look at the differences between them.

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) features low-pressure tires, a straddle seat, handlebars for steering control, either three or four wheels. When choosing an ATV for your little one, you need to know especially the specific size due to its straddle seat, since it’s varied in sizes and is intended for different ages.

While Utility Task Vehicles, or UTVs, usually come with four or more wheels, and specifically designed for practical use like transporting persons and goods, have a non-straddle seat with safety belt. UTVs are designed to travel on four or more wheels, use a steering wheel and pedals for controls. Thus, they are more powerful than ATVs, and usually accommodates two to four passengers, which allows passengers to sit side by side, so it wins the name “side by side” (S x S).

In conclusion, UTVs are usually more expensive, safe, quicker, powerful but expensive than ATVs. An ATV would be an affordable ride-on option for your kids under parental supervision.


SUV (sport utility vehicle) has become the most sought-after vehicle over the last decades. Combining elements of road-going passenger cars with details from off-road vehicles, such as elevated ride height and four-wheel drive, SUV presents a gorgeous look and spacious comfortable interior configuration. SUVs cruise around either smooth road or rough terrain surface. If your little one gets an SUV, he or she can pick up their best friend and drive around in style on any terrains, even on rough roads, mud, sand, or lawn.


Are you dreaming of having a sports car someday? Sports car with streamlined bodywork and excellent dynamic performance, such as handling, acceleration, top speed, or thrill of driving wins more and more drivers’ affections. A sports car ride-on would also be the coolest gift for your adventurous little one.


A scooter or motorcycle always has two or three wheels, has a step-through frame and a platform for the rider’s feet. Motorcycles are relatively lightweight, affordable with cool looks. It would be an ideal first ride-on gift for your little ones. If you worry that your young kids cannot control and balance a motorcycle, a motorcycle with three wheels or additional support wheels, which ensures great balance and safety, would be your ideal choice.

Kid’s Electric Powered Ride-On Car Toys

The electric ride-on toy is always the most popular type comparing with gas-powered or foot-powered ride-on. Electric ride-on for kids are stand out with the following merits:

  • More accessible and cheaper
  • Eco-friendly, no emission
  • Less frequent maintenance
  • Quick reaction and reflex of the motor
  • Thrilled speed
  • Realistic details, like built-in MP3, steering sound
  • Rechargeable battery

Featuring the above merits, a ride-on electric car for kids provides children with amazing authentic driving experience, lifelike details, a balance of speed, fun, and safety.

Are you thrilled with the above details? An electric ride-on toy would be the ultimate and special gift for your kids. It’s the epitome of cars with all the necessary functions.

Why Should You Purchase from TOBBI?

TOBBI, a brand specializing in kid’s ride-on toys, has its official online stores, and other sale stores on various platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Renowned for high quality, competitive price, copious amounts of categories, TOBBI delivers lots of great kid’s ride-on toys to its customers and is widely acclaimed.

Many of its products sell very well and become the best seller on different platforms. TOBBI has plenty of kid’s ride-on cars for sale, such as ATV, truck, tractor, motorcycle and more.

The company has its factories and subsidiaries around the world. Moreover, it sells licensed kid’s ride-on from Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, etc.

Do not hesitate to buy a great kid’s ride-on toy for your little ones, present them with a fun-filled ride.