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Get Familiar with Casino Bonuses and Play Smart

The wireless Internet, smartphones, cryptocurrencies, and other technologies have contributed to the increasing popularity of online gambling worldwide. More and more gamblers switch from land-based casinos to websites, which they can access from any place at any time. Along with the convenience of gameplay, online casinos offer a solid bunch of bonuses to attract players.  Let’s carry out the bonus investigation and look at promotions the websites provide that you can take advantage of, apart from enjoying a variety of games!

Casino bonuses

Nearly every casino provides bonus offers for new or loyal gamblers. Still, it’s obvious that casinos make money from visitors’ activity and provide nothing for free.

1. Deposit bonus

The casino rewards new players with extra funds. Say, a 100% multiplier doubles any amount you transfer to your account – for each $100 deposited you will get another $100. There are 50%, 200%, 300% bonuses and so on. Normally, casinos provide multipliers for first deposits only, but sometimes they encourage to transfer more, so players can receive extra money for the second, third and fourth deposits.

2. No deposit bonus

This type of bonuses attracts a lot of newbies because of “free” money. It means, you can register, receive $100 or $200, and start gambling with no need to transfer any of your own funds to the account. The catch is in wagering requirements which we will cover later. Long story short, casinos will not allow you to withdraw these funds until you bet more.

3. Spins and entries

The third most common type of bonuses. It’s related to card games, slots, or roulette. Gamblers receive free spins for online slots or free tickets to online poker tournaments for joining the website, visiting it regularly, wagering a lot, participating in campaigns, etc.

4. Reload bonus

This one is similar to a welcome bonus, but it is awarded to already existing players. Casinos try to not only attract new gamblers, but to keep the loyal ones. So, each month websites provide deposit bonuses with a certain multiplier to keep the users playing. Usually, multipliers are based on the previous gambling activity of the user, so the more you play – the more you can get.

5. VIP programs

Some online casinos introduce VIP clubs. Their members receive significantly larger bonuses of all types, free invitations to tournaments, souvenirs, and many more. VIPs play in special virtual rooms with selected opponents. The casino can even pay for a trip to the land-based facility of the partner network.

6. Affiliate programs

Online casinos do use referral programs. It’s simple: to receive the bonus you have to invite a new player. Some casinos reward users right after their referrals have signed up, others require depositing money. Affiliate bonuses are different: you may get a fixed amount of money straight away or get some interest gain from the referrals’ wagers.

7. Special offers

Apart from regular bonuses, there are several other types of special offers provided by online casino facilities:

  • Payment-based. Casinos which support different methods of payment may encourage users to choose the specific one by lowering fees or providing bonuses.
  • Game-based. Games with a higher house edge are more preferable for casinos as they bring more profit. No wonder, they will offer more bonuses like free spins, multipliers, or loyalty points.
  • Time-based. Sometimes casinos hold promo events at which they provide free entries and money rewards. These events are usually tied to particular days of week or holidays.
  • They may be offered in relation to payment methods, games, or holidays. Usually, cashbacks are generated automatically.

Wagering requirements and other pitfalls

Read this part carefully! Deposit and, especially, no deposit bonuses, as well as all other promo offers when casinos provide extra money to gamblers are limited by a rollover. In layman’s terms, you have to wager a predefined amount several times before you can cash it out. Note that rollovers are valid for bonus money only, not for your initial deposit. Also, the amount of a rollover varies with the game.

It’s important to know ways of receiving bonuses to not miss anything. Here are three main options:

  1. Automatically. The casino provides a bonus right after joining the website or meeting other requirements.
  2. Using a code. At some websites gamblers can claim bonuses after entering a bonus code into a specific field (usually, it’s located on the deposit page).
  3. By email. Rarely, casino representatives contact users via email and reward them with bonus codes. Sometimes gamblers may request special offers from the support team.

Remember that terms and conditions vary with each and every casino, so always check the list of requirements an online casino imposes on both claiming a bonus and using their services. Top it all, never opt for casinos that are not approved by established gambling authorities as you do not want to get scammed. Good luck and play safe!

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