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Get started with LinkedIn

At present, looking for a job can be a little bit difficult. However, facing that challenge can be a somewhat easier task with a tool for networking. It is specifically used to maintain a personal and professional contact list that can potentially help the person by offering valuable professional assistance or guidance. Networking is one of the best resources for career development and professional success.

In this technological era, in which there is always something that facilitates our lives, many may wonder if there is a platform that can facilitate the networking process. The answer is simple: LinkedIn. With more than 700 million users around the globe, this platform takes networking to another level.

Knowing LinkedIn

Launched in 2003 in the U.S., LinkedIn is considered an employment-service platform that focuses on professional networking. It allows users to post their resumes and employers, their job offers. For this reason, it is perfect to find work, connect and strengthen professional relationships, interact with other users, learn the skills that are necessary to improve a professional career, and much more.

This platform is often compared to Facebook because they are both based on similar principles and have comparable interfaces. In LinkedIn, users can create profiles and connect with each other, whether they may be workers or employers. In this platform, professional relationships are known as connections and the profiles become on CVs, where users can continue to add information such as work experience, interests, accomplishments, referrals from colleagues, and even recommendations. Members can search jobs using keywords, send private messages, accept or decline connection requests, and more.

LinkedIn is a free service, although users can purchase a paid subscription called LinkedIn Premium that offers additional features such as online classes and seminars. In general terms, the free version offers such a lot of features that it makes LinkedIn a very complete service, so acquiring the paid version could be more of a complementary action.

Benefits of using LinkedIn

This platform is available in more than 20 languages and has become an extremely important and used social network to the point that it could even seem like a must: many U.S. high school students are creating LinkedIn profiles to be included in their college applications. At this point, many may be wondering what makes LinkedIn so popular. Well, it helps members to keep a professionally presented profile, which is up to date, but there are other very important reasons and great advantages that it offers to its users:

  • Wide range of jobs – LinkedIn is an amazing job board that offers a wide range of opportunities, some of which may not exist in traditional job boards. With this platform, users can apply to the job directly through it, save job searches, and even flagging recruiters that are open to opportunities. Remember that many recruiters and professionals of Human Resources are definitely on LinkedIn.
  • Make connections – this social network is the perfect place to improve and expand the circle of acquaintances. Users can connect with past co-workers, employers, and executives. Also, they can join professional groups with like-minded members, allowing them to forge connections with their respective niches.
  • Profile view – LinkedIn allows its users to know who views their profiles, which helps to make important connections by meeting new people. Users can contact and send a message to them if they are interested in working with them.
  • Simple resume updates – updating online CVs is easier than a paper one. With LinkedIn, users can modify and add new information to their profiles very easily, without needing to hire a professional resume writer or worrying about formats.
  • Gain credibility – LinkedIn is the perfect option for users to let other members recommend and endorse them for their skills and past jobs. This is very important for networking since it allows users to build credibility through testimonials.

Ready to start using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an excellent social network, unique in its style, that offers netizens the ability to expand the circle of acquaintances, and thus increasing the possibilities of better developing a professional career. Starting to use LinkedIn is just as easy as creating an account by providing a first and last name, an email, and a password. Then, users are ready to start adding information to their profiles, make connections, build a network and enjoy all the features that the platform has to offer. Sometimes LinkedIn asks users to validate their account by providing a phone number as a security measure in order to avoid spam.

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