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Getting a Divorce Over the Internet in Washington | Tips You Need to Know

With the inception of the digital age and the Internet, things have become a lot more inexpensive and effortless. We now have online services for every purpose, making it convenient for us to perform almost everything using the Internet. The internet has positively influenced divorce as well. While some parts of divorce still have to be done in person, many tasks can now be done online. This article will cover online divorce services and how they can make divorce more painlessly.

What does an online divorce entail?

Online divorce is a collaboration with an online provider to get fast and affordable divorce paperwork preparation. It is a convenient service available if your case is uncontested. Since the marriage dissolution involves filling out lots of forms, many with complicated instructions, most spouses are unable to complete the paperwork on their own. Seeking assistance from an attorney is expensive (often thousands of dollars). Online divorce sites offer the perfect solution. You get reliable document preparation services at a low price, done quickly from the comfort of home.

Most online platforms offer a user-friendly interface that is easy to use, and they all follow a pretty similar format. Using leading provider CompleteCase as an example, you will be asked a series of questions to determine the specific forms needed and to gather the information required by the courts. The platform will use the information you provided to fill out all of the necessary forms for you. The court-ready documents are made available online within two business days for you to print and sign. Deliver the signed forms to the elected county clerk to get your divorce process rolling. In many cases, an attorney isn’t even needed, saving you thousands of dollars.

If you have a contested divorce, you won’t be able to take advantage of online divorce services and are best served by hiring a divorce attorney. That would provide you the required assistance for sorting issues such as child custody and property division.

How long will an online divorce take?

An online divorce takes much less time than a traditional divorce. This is primarily because a significant amount of time is saved on the paperwork. However, you will need to wait for the court to finalize the entire process in any case. The court has a mandatory 90-day waiting period after the paperwork is filed before a divorce can be finalized. This allows time for spouses to object or change their minds.

All issues must be resolved before any divorce can be finalized. If both parties aren’t able to agree on the divorce terms, they’ll have to go to trial. They’ll need to engage divorce lawyers, and the time for the divorce will get extended further.

What to do to get an Online Divorce?

Washington requires that at least one of the spouses is a state resident to file for divorce. There is no time limit for how long they must reside in the state. Online divorce services are only available if your case is uncontested. If you have any unsettled disputes or there is a chance that your spouse may dispute parts of the divorce, it is best to hire a Divorce lawyer. If you are okay with that financial setback, then legal representation may be the best way to proceed. If you are sure your divorce will be uncontested, online divorces offer you a cheap option to get all the documents you need to file for divorce.

After getting the completed paperwork, print it out and submit it to the county office clerk. The court will require that you pay a filing fee of between $200 to $250. This fee is in addition to any money charged by the online divorce company for the document preparation services. Filing the documents and paying the filing fee will officially start the divorce process.

Your petition for the dissolution of the marriage will contain a joinder at the bottom, which requires a signature from both spouses. If both parties agree cordially and sign the document, the divorce will be an uncontested one, and the court will proceed with the procedure. However, if your spouse fails to sign this for any specific reason, you will need to serve it to him or her.

How to serve your spouse?

You need to make copies of all your divorce documents submitted to the court and deliver them to your spouse. You will not be allowed to serve your spouse yourself, and hence you need someone to do it for you. One option is to use certified mail; just be sure to include your address as the return address on the envelope. Your spouse will need to sign an Acceptance of Service to prove they received the documents. If they do not, the person who served the paperwork will have to sign a document named Return of Service, verifying that the papers were served. You will need to file both documents with the county clerk.

Why should couples in Washington opt for an online divorce?

Couples going for a DIY divorce gain many advantages by choosing an online divorce company It eliminates the complications associated with divorce paperwork. Online divorce platforms will locate all of the necessary forms required for your divorce and ensure they are filled out correctly. It removes most of the hassle and offers you peace of mind.

Internet divorces are also perfect for couples that want to get through the process quickly. Using an online divorce company, you can get your paperwork finished in as little as two days versus weeks by going through an attorney or doing it on your own.

The state of Washington recognizes online divorce. Divorce laws in Washington can become very confusing, and the entire process can overwhelm you if you are doing it on your own. Online divorce companies can take care of all this frustrating paperwork for you and help you get on with your life in an affordable fashion.

Best tips to get you through a smooth online divorce

Make a solid decision

Decide on a reliable, established online divorce company. There are lots of companies offering such services, so go with the one you can trust. Companies that have been around a long time and have lots of positive online reviews are usually the best option. Also, be sure to review the services offered and the price to find the perfect package.

Aim for an uncontested divorce

Remember that these services only work if your divorce is uncontested. Make sure your spouse agrees to all the divorce terms. It is always better to settle all the complicated issues, such as child support, asset division, child visitation and custody, debt division, etc. before you get started with your online divorce.

Complete the paperwork

The online divorce service will do this part for you, but you’ll have to go through an online questionnaire about your marriage details before they complete your paperwork. This information is necessary so that the platform can select the specific forms needed for your situation and get them filled out correctly. After finishing the questionnaire, it usually takes around two business days before your court-ready documents are available to be printed, signed, and filed.

Prepare an amicable divorce agreement

To get through the court as quickly as possible, the court will want your divorce agreement put in writing. When you prepare the divorce agreement, make sure you include terms that are acceptable by both parties. Using an attorney might reduce the chances of making court motions or any major changes in the agreement.

Serve your spouse the divorce papers, if required

If your spouse didn’t sign the joinder, you will have to serve them with a copy of the papers. This can be done through a professional process server, certified mail, or anyone over 18 not a party in the case.

Don’t make it too public

Your private life shouldn’t be news to the public. Divorces are difficult enough to handle on their own. Allowing it to become a public event will only make the divorce messier. The worst thing you can do during an online divorce is post negative comments regarding your spouse and marriage on social media.


Getting a divorce can be an overwhelming task if you set out uninformed. But if done correctly and with proper assistance, such as online divorce services, it can be much easier, more affordable, and less stressful. Online divorce removes most court formalities by handling paperwork preparation for you, providing you some breathing room while you go through this emotional turmoil of a divorce.