Getting to know Seattle

The U.S. Pacific coast is full of interesting places to live comfortably, and Seattle is one of them. This city can be a romantic picture of your new life with positive changes and lively experiences. There are picturesque places to relax and comfortable conditions to do business. Perhaps moving to Seattle will change your life for the better.

City of Possibilities

For commercial activity, Seattle is one of the most attractive places in Washington state. This city is considered the second Silicon Valley. Many megacities are trying to create the most comfortable conditions for IT companies, but few manage to do so.

Unlike them, Seattle boasts the home offices of famous corporations such as Microsoft,, or Nintendo. There are plenty of jobs and interesting offers for people of all education levels. Suffice it to say that Seattle is the birthplace of the leader of the US aviation industry, the Boeing company.

Many interesting people and their families find a home in Emerald City. This is not surprising since the minimum wage here is considerably higher than, for example, in Boston or Chicago. Of course, the highest-paying jobs in Seattle are in IT, but less-skilled workers, too, can expect a decent salary. The competition in this city is quite high, and the winner can safely plan for a carefree life.

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A Little History

Seattle has a rich history that is more than 150 years old. During this time the city experienced ups and downs until it became one of the most attractive places to live in North America. In 1889 a major fire almost destroyed Seattle, but thanks to its location, and the gold rush in Alaska, the city was quickly rebuilt. At the end of the XIX century, thousands of enthusiasts rushed to the north of the continent in search of gold. Seattle has become the main transit point for adventurers and has received a powerful impetus for development.

Seattle experienced a great economic boom during World War II, thanks to huge military orders. Hundreds of warplanes were assembled in the production halls of the Boeing Corporation. In addition, the city was the largest port for the transit of goods from all over the United States. Puget Sound shipyards built a large number of ships for the Navy.

After the war ended and war orders were canceled, thousands of people were out of work, but the period of stagnation did not last long. The need for jets breathed new life into Boeing and made it the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial passenger planes. In the 1980s, Seattle became a high-tech center, and millions of IT professionals made the city their new home.

Best Places in Seattle

The combination of the ocean and the mountains, as well as the rich infrastructure of Seattle, has always attracted attention. Many people would like to settle here. If you are one of them and you are concerned about the question: How to start preparing to move, take advantage of quality services.

Make your move as comfortable as possible and enjoy the beauty of Seattle. There is a lot to see in and around this city. The city spreads out on the shores of winding Puget Bay, and to the west of the bay, you can see Vancouver Island. To the east, the calm waters of Lake Washington glisten with blue.

A popular place to walk in any city is the waterfront. Especially when it comes to Seattle. A cocktail of unusual and exquisite places to visit awaits you. On one side, you’ll see luxury hotels and restaurants, on the other, you’ll see cargo ferries crossing Puget Sound.

There’s a huge Ferris wheel, an aquarium building, and plenty of souvenir stores to complete the extravaganza, worthy of the brush of the best artists. To fully enjoy the experience and think quietly about what to do in Seattle, you can order some light take-out at one of the local cafes and head to Seattle Waterfront Park.

Seattle’s calling card is an exquisite futuristic tower that resembles a spaceship. She was erected in 1961 for the World’s Fair. Despite its height of 184 meters, the tower can withstand hurricane winds and powerful earthquakes. In several halls of the exhibition center, in the heart of the city, there are fantastic installations of Chihuly, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

This combination of living, natural flora, and masterpieces of glass craftsmanship leave an unforgettable impression. Another popular place for city residents is a huge market. It’s located on the coast of Elliott Bay and covers an area of more than 3.5 hectares. Here you can find everything you can imagine.

Once you move, it will take you many days to see all of Seattle’s sights, but it’s worth the time. It’s a vibrant, dynamic, multifaceted city with great prospects and comfortable living conditions.