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Giant pothole immobilises seven cars on rural Welsh road

  • A bust water main caused a pothole to develop on the B4293 in near Monmouth
  • At least seven cars suffered damage after striking the water-filled pothole 
  • One car lost its wishbone after the lower ball joint was ripped from its position
  • Motorists thought the hole was only a ‘puddle’ and were caught out by its depth 

This rural road was left strewn with stricken cars which had all been immobilised  by a massive pothole.

At least seven cars were left with blown tyres and shattered wheels within the space of an hour on the B4293 near Monmouth, south Wales.

Police were called as a line of stricken cars blocked the northbound carriageway, causing a build-up of traffic.

Motorists in Monmouth, south Wales suffered damage to their cars after hitting a large pothole

A line of cars were damaged by the pothole which was later fixed by Welsh Water 

A line of cars were damaged by the pothole which was later fixed by Welsh Water 

Motorist Angela Pringle said: ‘Unfortunately the damage to our car is much worse than we thought. Two wheels and suspension damage.’

Another victim said: ‘This pothole caught me out too, it looked like a puddle, but was so deep that it pulled the lower ball joint out of my suspension. I’ve had to replace the wishbone arm.’

The pothole was caused by a burst water main but Welsh Water was unable to attend in time to prevent the damage to passing cars.

Monmouthshire County Council Head of Operations, Roger Hoggins said: ‘The dangerous pothole was caused by a leak on a water main.

‘It was reported to Monmouthshire County Council on the morning of Monday September 25, the information was passed immediately to Welsh Water to attend at 11am.

‘Unfortunately Welsh Water were unable to respond during the day.’

Following reports of damage to vehicles later in the day Monmouthshire County Council attended the scene and secured signage and temporary lights to make the road safe for road users.

Welsh Water told MailOnline they are liaising with the motorists whose cars were damaged by the pothole which was caused by a burst water main. 

The spokeswoman compared the road has since been fully re-instated.