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Girl, 10, dies in Ohio just one day after she was diagnosed with the flu and strep throat

A 10-year-old girl has died just one day after she was diagnosed with both strep throat and the flu.

Sable Paige Gibson, from Mason, Ohio, received the diagnoses on Tuesday morning and went into cardiac arrest on Tuesday afternoon.

According to a Facebook post from her mother, Holly Rauch Gibson, Sable was airlifted to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, but she passed away on Wednesday.  

Data shows that the fourth grader’s death is the third pediatric death in the state from the flu this season

Sable Paige Gibson, 10 (pictured), from Mason, Ohio, was diagnosed with strep throat and the flu on Tuesday morning. She went into cardiac arrest on Tuesday afternoon and was airlifted to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, but passed away on Wednesday

According to the Plain Dealer, a 13-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy are the other two pediatric deaths in Ohio.

Doctors say that most children who die aren’t vaccinated, and it remains unclear if Sable had received the flu shot.

Viral infections like the flu and bacterial infections like strep don’t often occur at the same, but they can happen.

While most people with the flu recover within two weeks of contracting the virus, some sufferers can develop complications. 

The flu inflames the body’s airways, which prevents mucus and secretions from clearing. 

This leads to a buildup of bacteria in the body, which it normally would be able to fight off but is unable to due to the flu weakening the immune system.  

From there, the flu can easily develop into strep, bronchitis or pneumonia.

‘If your body is focused on fighting a virus, then the bacteria have an easier time coming aboard not noticed,’ Dr Julie Linderman, a pediatrician in Dallas, Texas, told Fox4. 

Additionally, a Canadian study published last year found that the flu can raise the risk of cardiac arrest by as much as 600 percent.

‘There’s inflammation going on, and your body is under a lot of stress,’ lead author Dr Jeff Kwong, an epidemiologist and family physician with Public Health Ontario, told NPR. 

Changes, including drops in oxygen levels and blood pressure, ‘can lead to an increased risk of forming blood clots in the vessels that serve your heart,’ he said.

Strep on its own can also be deadly. More than 700 million people a year are infected from group A streptococcus bacteria.

While antibiotics usually clear in the infection within a week, the virus can also move from the throat into body tissues such as the muscles and the lungs, causing about   500,000 deaths a year. 

Mason City School officials released a statement asking that members of the community wear pink on Thursday to honor Sable. 

‘Please join us in keeping the Gibson family in our daily thoughts and prayers as they navigate these very difficult days,’ the statement read in part. ‘We also lift up all of Sable’s classmates, teachers and support staff.’ 

The statement also said that additional counselors would be in place at Western Row Elementary, where Sable attended school, and attached a link with suggestions on what parents can say to their children about death.   

Sable’s mother, Holly, posted a photo on Facebook along with a caption stating her and her family’s hearts were ‘shattered’.   

‘It is with shattered hearts that we share that our sweet Sable Paige took her first steps into Jesus’ arms tonight,’ the caption read in part.

‘Please, please, please pray for our family in this dark time. We can’t imagine our lives without our baby girl.’ 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed last week that 19,000 deaths have been recorded so far for the 2018-19 flu season.

Additionally, the National Institutes of Health said this year’s flu shot is 47 percent effective compared with 30 percent last year. 


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