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Girl had open brain surgery after blackhead squeezing

After asking Xiao Mei’s family about her lifestyle, Xiang discovered that Xiao Mei’s mother had squeezed several blackheads on Xiao Mei’s nose a few weeks before. 

Her mother said the blackheads effected Xiao Mei’s looks, and she squeezed them before washing and sanitising her hands.

Xiang said people shouldn’t squeeze their blackheads or pop their pimples (file photo)

Xiang deduced that this was the cause of Xiao Mei’s illness. Xiang said Xiao Mei had suffered from an MRSA infection.

MRSA, or the ‘superbug’, is a type of bacteria that’s resistant to several widely used antibiotics and is harder to treat than other infections, according to NHS.

Xiang said blood vessels between one’s nose and mouth are connected directly to the brain, and the consequences could be severe if the region, dubbed the ‘dangerous triangle’, gets infected.

The surgeon advises against squeezing blackheads or popping pimples, especially when one’s hands are not thoroughly sanitised.