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Girl passes out in mid-air on a slingshot ride in Sydney

  • Bronwyn Kettle from Sydney nervously laughs as she’s shot into the air by ride
  • Her limbs go limp and eyes roll back as she’s KOd while hundreds of metres in air
  • Says ‘I don’t want to do this’ while hysterically laughing before thrill ride starts

A hilarious video has emerged from Australia of a girl passing out mid-air while on a thrill ride.

The footage shows Bronwyn Kettle and her friend, both from Sydney,  laughing nervously as they are strapped into the slingshot ride.

Shortly after being propelled into the skies, Bronwyn passes out and her arms and legs start flailing wildly around her while her oblivious friend continues to laugh beside her.

Fortunately, Bronwyn comes to after being out cold for five seconds.

When she regains consciousness she starts laughing again until the pair are bought safely back down to the ground.

When asked by the fairground attendant how they found the ride, Bronwyn can be heard telling her ‘it was good!’

Bronwyn Kettle and her friend, both from Sydney, rode the slingshot in Australia. Above, Bronwyn’s limbs go limp and her eyes roll back as she passes out while in mid-air

Bronwyn later wrote online: ‘On the first day of the festival I was begging my friend to go on the ride with me but he refused.’ 

‘But eventually on the second day he agreed. 

After losing consciousness my friend was more concerned about his heartburn and if his hair looked good.’