Girl who stabbed brother had been on ADHD medication for five years, mom reveals

I just want to thank you all for the donations, they couldn’t have come at a better moment, I seen the YouTube video, I don’t think it’s legal or appropriate for them to post that, so hopefully it will be taken down, I try not to let the ignorant comments and all the theories get to me, yes my kids have different fathers, but they were good kids and I never let that prevent me from providing for them in every way including emotionally, mentally, financially. 

They were raised as God-fearing children & never had behavioral issues until she was put back on a medication she was off for over a year – no it wasn’t psych meds – and I can’t get into details because I’m not sure what all I’m allowed to share just yet. Just know my kids loved each other and always got along until the very end there. They were fighting a lot more than usual but they never physically hurt each other on purpose, that just wasn’t who they were. 

She has never even yelled at me – she was happy and energetic, loves school, she is not mentally ill & has not been diagnosed with anything. She has been very well behaved the entire 6 months she has been gone and yes I’m very supportive of her and love her very much. Obviously there is a lot of healing that we both need before we can ever live together again and she needs mental & emotional help after this. She could have permanent, damage we don’t know yet, but she has not had any issues. I want to clarify something, my daughter was not a cutter! She had old cuts from two months prior from when she was first put back on her meds and everyone agreed to take her off immediately and so I did. Unfortunately it was too late the damage was done. The new cuts were from that night she attacked my precious son. 

She has a very amazing team of experts that spend almost everyday with her for hours sometimes. They have been around her this entire six months, they know her pretty well, they also feel like she is telling the truth, and I believe the experts when it comes to this. She is going to treatment, for how long we do not know yet. 

Another thing is my son was not asleep. I know it’s a minor rumor but he was awake because he didn’t have school the next day, he was switching from public to homeschool through a homeschooling program here in my state, we used them before and he had just met his teacher a few days prior but we were waiting for his Chromebook before he could start. Anyway I did not find out that he was awake until our interview. I was confused and shocked, I thought someone broke into my home and hurt my kids and I thought my daughter ran away for safety. 

I did not ever think or imagine that one of my kids would do such a thing. She was as normal as your child. As any 12 year old child who was not allowed to cuss or watch scary evil movies, she was just starting to rebel but she was also just going through normal teenage things, so no there were no signs that would have warned any of us that she was a threat. 

I feel very guilty I couldn’t protect my son. I have promised my children a million times that I would never let anything like this happen to them I would never allow anyone to hurt them and they have nothing to be afraid of at home because it’s our safe place, you know all the normal things parents say to their kids, I felt like I failed him and her both.

I know it’s not my fault and people can be so cruel and evil especially right now. Anyway with all that said, don’t believe everything you see or hear on the internet or from strangers that have never met me or my family. I still have my rights, if I was negligent in anyway I doubt I would still have rights over both my surviving children. Again, thank you so much for the donations, I have to move and I honestly was struggling to pay for it. So I greatly appreciate the donations, and the prayers and kind words. I know I will be reunited with my son again and that’s what keeps me going, that and my two surviving children. 

This was a horrible tragedy that was completely unseen and unimaginable to any parent in any circumstance. God bless you all. And may you’re kindness be return 10 fold.’


There isn’t much to update on, but my daughter is going to be getting a mental evaluation done soon than we can decide the best treatment plan. It’s looking like the medication definitely played a huge part in all this and that makes me so sick because I put her her back on it after taking her off for about 1-1/2 year after her being on it for so long, all the side effects makes sense now although at the time we didn’t know that they were side effects, she was treated as if they were separate issues. 

It’s just all very aggravating and heartbreaking. I try to keep my mind busy but if it’s not, then I’m crying and having a panic attack. When I see things of his laying around the house the memories start rolling in. It’s so hard to be without my children. It’s so hard to know that she did this to him, my poor son. 

I’m trying hard to stay focused and fight for justice for both of them especially my son. 

He was the light to my whole world and it’s so dark with out him. I miss goofing off with him, coming up with jokes to tell each other, singing or gaming with him, I just don’t know how I’m supposed to keep going after such a horrible thing. You would think people that experience something like this would get a pass but they don’t, you are forced to continue with life so your other children are not alone in this dark world. 

Pray for your kids every day and pray over them every day, teach them to pray. It didn’t do us much good but I know Satan kills, lies and destroys not God.

I just wish he would have helped those doctors save him, he could have lived. He should have lived. His last birthday he will have. #forever9 – April Lyda