Go4Rex Review – Nothing Better than Trading with a Regulated Broker

What’s the first advice you can expect from an expert who has been trading for many years? If you are new to trading, the first thing they will tell you is that you should sign up with a company only when you are sure about their regulation. It is not to say that the online companies that are not regulated are always scams, but when you have regulation in place, it gives you that extra peace of mind that you need when you are new to trading and looking for certainty in your decisions. In today’s review, I will tell you about a platform that will offer you the peace of mind of trading that you have been looking for.

So, I will talk about Go4Rex, which I think is a broker that has learned a lot over the course of time to offer traders something they have always wanted. I was a new trader at some point just like you. I had no clue what I was going to do or which trading platform I was going to sign up first when I was just stepping into this game. I also stumbled across some wrong places that I really regretted later on. However, things changed for me when I signed up with Go4Rex. This company changed everything for the good.

All my expectations were met when I signed up with Go4Rex. To this day, I am happy for the decision I took. In fact, I like my experience with the company so much that I want you to consider it for your trading career as well. That’s why I am writing this Go4Rex review so you can know as much as you want about the trading services provider.

Broker            Go4Rex
Trading TypeCFDs and Forex
AssetsForex, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks
Trading PlatformMobile, Desktop, Tablet
Customer SupportPhone and Email
Account TypesBasic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
Maximum Leverage1:400
Minimum Deposit$250
Operated ByFX Capital Ltd.
RegulatedYes (FSA)

Trade on Your Favorite Device

Do you have a particular device that you like to trade on? That has been the case with me too. I used to use an Android phone and did not want to use any other device for trading purposes. I did not want to change the device I was using or the operating system I was on. How could I do that? Most of the companies that I thought of signing up with were offering their platforms only on a limited number of operating systems. In many cases, I was told that I had to use the platform only on my desktop. Excuse me? Are you telling me that I can’t trade while I am on the move in 2021?

That’s not how things work in the modern era. Today, companies have to adapt to the changing requirements of the customers, not the other way around. So, I was always on the lookout for a trading platform that allowed me to use my Android smartphone for trading. Finally, I landed on Go4Rex that provided me that exact trading platform I was looking for. I have to be clear here that your Android phones are not the only devices on which you can use this platform. You can even use your tablet if you want for trading once you have signed up with Go4Rex.

Of course, if you are someone who likes the raw power of a desktop computer, you will not be disappointed either. The trading platform from Go4Rex can easily run on any computer system with any operating system on it. This allows you to trade the way you want to trade. You can trade at home, in your office, or while you are traveling somewhere. There is no limit on how you want to trade and when.

Trade the Assets You Like

Time for you to trade the assets that you always wanted to trade. There was a time just a few years ago when you could only trade when you visited the markets on your own. After that, we started seeing platforms that allowed you to trade from home. However, the problem with old platforms was that you usually had to trade the same asset with the same company. In other words, there are online brokers that could provide you with only one asset type. Things have changed drastically in recent years. You can now trade many assets from the same trading platform.

You just have to be on the right platform. If you have signed up with the right people, you will get thousands of assets from many financial markets at your disposal. And yes, I am using the word “thousands” because that’s what you will experience when you sign up with Go4Rex. This broker will provide you with thousands of different assets that you can trade from the same trading platform. The best thing is that you can open multiple orders, which means you will be trading many assets at the same time. Now, if you are looking to trade forex currency pairs, you will not be disappointed by the company.

You have many assets available for you to trade when you are with this team. With most other companies, you can only trade the stocks of the most famous international companies, such as Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, etc. However, when you are with this trading services provider, you will have even more companies in your access. For example, you can trade the stocks of Alibaba, Volvo, Repsol, Oracle, Toyota Motor, etc. Do keep in mind that you will be trading them all in the form of CFDs.

Furthermore, you will also have access to commodities, which means you can trade oil, gas, coffee beans, platinum, silver, gold, etc. when you are on this platform. Is there anything that you are missing? Of course, if you are interested in trading digital currencies, you have them available in the form of assets here. In other words, there is no asset that a modern trader demands and is not here.

Take Pride in Regulated Trading

No matter how much someone tries to explain things, they can never mention anything that is better than regulation. When you sign up with online companies for trading for the first time, you are putting your trust in them for the first time. It is not easy for you to do that because you know that at some point, you will have to hand over your money to the company as well. Of course, you can’t start your trading account without making an initial deposit. So, trust the company is a major issue and once you cannot ignore no matter how hard you try.

So, when it comes to signing up with online companies, you have to pay attention to the regulation information. Don’t be surprised when I tell you that hundreds of online platforms that provide trading services are not regulated at all. Yes, they are providing some great services and their features are great too, but they are not regulated, and that’s a reality. Talk to any specialist or expert trader in the world, and they will always advise against signing up with a company that does not have regulation in place. Once there is regulation, you can say goodbye to half of your worries related to online security and trust.

With Go4Rex, you will be glad that you have all the security that you need in the form of regulation. Yes, this company is properly regulated and Financial Services Authority is the regulatory body that regulates this company for its trading services. So, when you sign up with Go4Rex, you will have full confidence in its services. When a company is regulated, you know that there is a third party service or regulatory body that is monitoring all the financial activities of the company. In other words, there is a company that is there for protecting your interests when you sign up with this broker.

AML and KYC for Ethical Traders

There are certain online trading platforms that can prove to be quite the opposite of what you think of them. Here is a thing that I want to tell you. Some new traders think that they have to keep their identities hidden in the online world. They believe that keeping their identities hidden is the only way to be safe. At the same time, they think that disclosing their identification information is like making a mistake. Hence, they sign up with companies that don’t ask them for these details and provide them with trading services.

This is a huge mistake that can cost you big time. I have to tell you that the companies that ask for your identification information are the ones that really care about you. These are the standards of the online trading industry and any company that does not follow them is not on the right track. So, when you talk about these particular aspects, I have to mention KYC and AML policies. Under these policies, you will have to disclose a lot of your personal and banking information to the company that you are signing up with. Unless you do that, you will not be able to sign up at all.

But does this mean that you are making a mistake? Not at all! These policies mean that the broker you are signing up with does not let its online trading platform be used by illegal traders. It also means that the company does not allow anyone to sign up on its trading platform with stolen information. Once you have provided your personal details, you can be sure that no one else with your stolen information can sign up with this company. Yes, they can sign up with a company that does not ask for these details because for these companies, every customer is the same.

Account Types for Easy Trading Career

New traders usually find it challenging to start trading. Once they have started, it is not really that difficult. However, the first step is what really bothers them because they don’t know what to do. At the same time, they are not willing to put everything into trading. They want to test waters and only then proceed with trading. I think that that trading services provider has a big role to play here. It can make things or break them for the new trader. It can design new trading accounts in such a way that they are easy for new traders to sign up with.

However, I don’t usually see this happen on most other websites. They have many different accounts types but the problem is that they do not offer any account that would be easy for new traders to sign up with. In most cases, they have to spend a lot of money, which is the last thing new traders want to do. However, I can tell you here that you will not have to do anything like that when you are with Go4Rex. The trading accounts from this firm are designed well for every trader to meet their needs.

So, if you are someone on a budget, I am sure you will have no issues signing up with the basic account. It is the standard account that you can sign up with while enjoying some great trading features. If you look at the amount that you need to deposit in your account to start this one, it is just $250. See, this is how small the amount is that you have to deposit to get access to so many financial markets and thousands of assets from around the world. If you think you have gone beyond the beginner trading phase, I recommend you go with the bronze account.

You will enjoy a commission discount of up to 15% when you sign up with this account. At the same time, you will have access to a variety of assets from many financial markets. To take things to the next level, you can go with the silver or gold account. Your discounts on the commissions get bigger with those accounts.

Big Leverages with Fixed Spreads

The amount of money you make on your trades depends on the type of leverage or spreads that you have to deal with. The spread tells you how much money you will be losing on every trade because there will always be a difference in the prices of the assets on the real market and when you purchase them from or sell to the company you are trading with. When it comes to leverages, they are designed to facilitate you with your trades by allowing you to increase the size of the trade. Here you will enjoy some great perks for signing up with Go4Rex.

First of all, there is something you are going to love about fixed spreads. From the day you start trading, you will notice that your brain is looking for certainty. You want certainty in everything because then you can plan things. However, when the spreads are always changing, you really can’t do that. So, what you have to do is look for certainties through the different types of service providers. Of course, since I am telling you about Go4Rex, you will not have to go anywhere. You have the fixed spreads available with Go4Rex.

The best thing is that these spreads are quite competitive. In other words, you will not feel as though you have been robbed of your profits just because of the loose spreads. At the same time, you also have to look at the opportunities that you are getting for trading big and earning big profits on them. The leverages are different for different types of accounts. However, you can’t say that any account has small leverage in it. With the basic account, the leverage you will get is 1:200. If you want even bigger leverages, I recommend that you go with the gold or platinum accounts.

These accounts can offer you leverages of up to 1:400. These are some huge leverages that can increase your profits exponentially if you are successful with your trade. So, you can see that you are getting all the opportunities that you need as a trader when you sign up with Go4Rex.

Trading Education That You Deserve

The trading education you will get from this company is something you really deserve. I have this complaint with many online trading services providers that their trading education is not as good as they claim it to be. You see, in the era of the internet, you can find just about any information that you need on the internet. You have people training you on everything and providing you with the opportunity to join their courses to learn whatever it is that you want to learn. However, the company you sign up with for the purpose of trading is the best resource of all the information on trading.

The issue with the trading courses from these companies is that a lot of material in them is just generic – something that you can find free on the internet. I am sure that you will not feel this way when you look at the training and educational material from Go4Rex. This training material contains just about anything that you can imagine from a beginner trader’s point of view to something only the expert traders can make use of. What you are going to love the most is that you have webinars available with your trading accounts. This means you can learn from the people live who know everything about trading.

If you are someone who learns from videos better, you can go with video-based courses. Yes, you have courses that explain to you everything through videos so you can learn everything faster and visually. If you are looking for some free education that you can get even without signing up with the company, you can go with the glossary that is there on the website. It contains definitions of all the important terms that you have to familiarize yourself with before you start trading.

Customer Support You Will Prefer

The customer support you will get from Go4Rex is something you will find different in it. I have seen many other brokers on the internet that try to portray their customer services as the best. However, I can tell you a lot of aspects that will prove that they don’t even come close to what Go4Rex has to offer. Firstly, you can look at the FAQs section on the website. This section is probably the biggest that I have seen on any website for trading. They usually have only up to 20 questions that they answer. On the other hand, this website will provide you with answers to the questions that you can ever have on your mind about trading or your trading account.

In addition to that, you literally have 10 different phone numbers on the website that are for 10 different countries. If you are located in any of those countries, you can be sure that you will be in touch with someone within seconds when you call. That’s because the dedicated line will only entertain customers from those countries. In addition to that, you have an email address on the website that you can use for sending in your concerns. Not to mention the fact that you have the website in multiple languages as well.

Final Thoughts

So, before I summarize anything else, I have to come back to the point of regulation. It is a blessing when you can find an online trading services provider that is properly regulated by a known regulatory authority. In this case, you have FSA as the regulatory authority. Furthermore, you have a perfect trading platform with thousands of assets from many financial markets. For me, I have never signed up with any other broker that comes even close. I recommend that you know more about it and see how signing up with Go4Rex turns out for you.