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Goldman banker Roger Ng on trial over Malaysian state investment fund

Goldman banker Roger Ng goes on trial in New York over Malaysian state investment fund billions

Fraud trial: Former Goldman Sachs banker Roger Ng

The trial of former Goldman Sachs banker Roger Ng, 49, who denies conspiring to launder billions from a Malaysian state investment fund, has started in New York.

It was delayed due to Covid and comes after Goldman was fined £2.2billion by regulators in 2020, accused of turning the 1MDB fund ‘into a piggy bank for corrupt public officials and cronies’.

US officials allege £3billion was looted from the fund, set up by the Malaysian state, and used to buy property, art and to finance Martin Scorsese’s film Wolf of Wall Street. 

Goldman earned almost £500million from its work – which it has returned.

Ng lawyer Marc Agnifilo said: ‘Roger Ng waived extradition to voluntarily come to this country because he is innocent. He looks forward to his trial and returning home.’  


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