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Good Housekeeping reveals how to buy Easter Sunday lunch for less

Feeding the family at Easter can be expensive – but it doesn’t have to be if you shop savvily, according to new research.

Buying everything you need for a traditional roast lamb dinner on Easter Sunday could cost you less than £3 a head if you shop at certain supermarkets, it’s been revealed.

It means you could feed a family of eight dinner for under £22 – and you’ll get the best deal if you shop around instead of sticking to one grocery shop, new analysis suggests.

Good Housekeeping research reveals that Aldi has the cheapest leg of lamb at £8.98 of all the supermarkets

The cheapest Easter shopping basket (containing the seven most popular items)

Leg of lamb (at least 2kg): Aldi (£8.98)

Potatoes (at least 1kg): Aldi and Lidl (29p) 

Frozen Peas (at least 900g): Morrisons (68p) 

Carrots (at least 1kg): Asda (20p) 

Mint Sauce (one jar): Morrisons M Savers Mint Sauce 175g (30p)

Hot cross buns (at least eight): Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Aldi (£1) 

Two bottles of Prosecco: Prosecco DOC Frizante, 75cl x2, Lidl (£10.50)

TOTAL: £21.95 

The research was put together by Good Housekeeping, which calculates the price of the average Easter shopping basket every year.

It has revealed that this year, you will spend the least on typical items such as hot cross buns, leg of lamb and vegetables if you shop at Lidl, where your Easter shopping basket will cost just £23.54, or £2.94 a head.

However you will spend even less if you shop around and buy seven of the most common Easter groceries at the supermarkets where they are cheapest.

These common groceries are a 2kg leg of lamb, 1kg of potatoes, 900g of frozen peas, 1kg of carrots, eight hot cross buns and two bottles of Prosecco. 

By shopping around, your Easter shopping basket could come to just £21.95, or £2.74 a head.  

Aldi is the next cheapest supermarket to pick up your Easter groceries, as you can pick up the seven times for £23.65. 

Hot cross buns can be picked up for just £1 at Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and Aldi

Hot cross buns can be picked up for just £1 at Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and Aldi

How much your Easter shopping basket will cost at different supermarkets

Lidl: £23.54

Aldi: £23.65 

Morrisons: £24.83 

Asda: £26.27 

Tesco: £31.45 

Sainsbury’s: £32.70 

Co-op: £33.32 

Iceland: £36.68 

M&S: £37.83 

Waitrose: £37.99

Morrisons is in third place, with its Easter shopping basket coming to £24.83. 

The most expensive place to shop for the seven items is Waitrose, where the contents of the Easter basket come to £37.99.

M&S and Iceland are not far off at £37.83 and £36.68 respectively for the same groceries. 

The difference between the cheapest and most expensive supermarket is just under £15, at £14.45. 

Caroline Bloor, consumer affairs director at Good Housekeeping, said: ‘For a lot of people, purse strings are tight, and consumers are becoming increasingly price savvy, which means retailers are constantly having to up their game.

‘This is only good news for consumers, as there’s an array of bargains to be had. By choosing carefully, you can still have a high-quality Easter lunch, at a low price.’