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Good news Maccas fans: popular ‘mix and match’ Apple Pie McFlurry to be added to menu permanently

Good news for McDonald’s fans! Fast food giant listens to its customers and puts favourite food mash-up on menu

  • In collaboration with UberEats, Apple Pie McFlurry now available for purchase
  • The item will then be sold in McDonald’s restaurants from next Wednesday
  • The Apple Pie McFlurry will join household items on the menu such as Big Macs

As anyone who loves a dessert in McDonald’s will know, it’s often hard to choose between an apple pie and a McFlurry.

But in groundbreaking fast food news, it has emerged that the burger chain is set to combine the two for an all-new apple pie McFlurry.

It is part of a promotion with UberEats customers until next Tuesday, but will be a permanent addition in their restaurants from Wednesday (September 5).

Welcome to heaven: The newest item of the McDonald’s menu, the Apple Pie McFlurry

The new McFlurry is made from traditional vanilla ice cream, sprinkled with bite size apple pie pieces and a caramel sauce.

A McDonald’s spokesman said the item addition was a result of listening to their loyal customers.

A ‘hybrid’ Chicken Big Mac was a recent a popular recent addition to the McDonald’s menu.

In 1971, the first McDonald’s restaurant was opened in Australia in Yagoona, 20km south-west of Sydney’s CBD.

Today, over 970 restaurants featuring the iconic golden arches can be found across the nation.

The 'hybrid' Chicken Big Mac has been a popular recent addition to the McDonald's menu

The ‘hybrid’ Chicken Big Mac has been a popular recent addition to the McDonald’s menu



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