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Google can now predict when your flight will be delayed

To find out whether Google thinks your flight will be delayed, head to

This service works on desktop and mobile web browsers.

To check the status of your flight, search the flight number to bring up the latest details on the flight.

In this view, Google list any forecasted delays to the journey.

Google will predict the length of the delay, as well as the reasoning behind its prediction. 

For example, ‘Incoming flight is delayed, which may affect this flight’.

If the airline confirms the delay, this also appears in Google Flights, with the reason behind the delay also included in the list.

If you haven’t already booked your flight, you can do that inside Google Flights, too.

To begin booking a flight, type your final destination, as well as your preferred travel dates.

Google also lets you add a number of other specific criteria for your trip, including whether you’re looking for a non-stop flight, total flight time, preferred airlines, and class of travel.

Once that’s done, hit search and Google will serve-up a list of the latest flight results.

Clicking on the individual results will bring up additional data, including whether the plane has Wi-Fi, at-seat power, average legroom for the flight, and more.

Google will also show the likeliness of any delays to your flight in this window.

Google Flights will offer a breakdown of what is included in your selected fare option. It will display what is included in terms of baggage, seat selection, food, or whether there are likely to be any additional fees during the booking process.

Unfortunately, this feature only works with American, United, and Delta for now.