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Google Maps app puts restaurants with delivery upfront so people know where to eat during lockdown

Google tweaks Maps app to highlight restaurants offering delivery options so people know where to order food during lockdown

  • The tweak puts shortcuts on the home screen of the app to find delivery options
  • It’s live on Android and iOS in the UK, US, Netherlands, and France
  • Easier ways to find delivery could help local restaurants struggling to stay afloat 

Google is highlighting restaurants that offer delivery for its users as people deal with the reality of coronavirus-related lockdown.

According to 9to5Google, when users open up their Maps app they will now see shortcuts on the home screen that help them find restaurants that are relevant from a delivery standpoint.

Users will be able to order directly through the app if the restaurant supports that functionality, otherwise they will have to use a third-party service or call the restaurant directly.   

Google has rolled out several new shortcuts that allows users to more easily find delivery options in the Maps app during coronavirus-related lockdowns 

Those shorcuts are live in both the Android and iOS version of the app according to 9to5Google, but only in the UK, Netherlands, US, and France.

In addition to helping users find out where to order food, the addition could also help people support local restaurants still offering delivery as many of them struggle to stay afloat during widespread lockdowns.

This isn’t the first tweak to Google’s Maps app. Previously the tech giant tweaked Maps so that if a user search for a hospital near them, a notification would advice them to call the in advance if they suspect that they’re infected with coronavirus.

Theoretically it would help increase the chances that patients receive treatment without infecting others.

Likewise, companies like Uber Eats have tweaker their own apps to help retaurants during the pandemic.

Uber Eats has rolled out new features that let users donate to local restaurants struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic (stock)

Uber Eats has rolled out new features that let users donate to local restaurants struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic (stock)

Most recently, Uber announced that it’s adding a button that lets users donate to restaurants affected by an ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

The button will be in-app and will feature several different suggested donations, including a baseline $2 option, according to The Verge. All of the donated amount will go directly to the restaurant, Uber says.

The company will also match contributions dollar-for-dollar going up to $3 million with proceeds going to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, which is managed the National Restaurant Association.