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Google Yeti game console: All you need to know

  • Google is reportedly planning a game console and service code-named Yeti
  • Yeti would represent Google’s first foray into the profitable video-gaming market
  • Yeti would involve streaming video games, making downloads unnecessary 

Google has already conquered the web search market and hosts a number of other successful Internet-related products and services. Could video gaming be the next frontier for the tech giant?

Google is repgoogleortedly planning to unveil a groundbreaking new video game streaming service and console code-named Yeti. The service would utilize cloud servers to let users play games as they’re being streamed rather than download them or install them with a CD. Such a gaming service would see the tech titan go head-to-head with similar services such as PlayStation Now, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The news comes on the heels of Google’s announcement last year of a new standalone VR Daydream headset.

Here’s all you need to know about what Google Yeti reportedly is, how much it will cost, when it will be released.

Google is reportedly planning its own video game service and console code-named Yeti

What is Google Yeti?

Google Yeti is reportedly the code name for a subscription-based video game streaming service and console designed to help the company break into the fast-growing video game market.

Similar to Netflix, Google Yeti would stream games through the Internet much like PlayStation Now does. The system would involve hosting games on remote servers and streaming them into a TV through Chromecast or a console created by Google. Such a system would not involve any downloads and let gamers play the games as they’re streamed.

According to Reuters: ‘The plan that Google has been working on involves use of its cloud servers to broadcast the games to users over the Internet. Google has discussed Yeti with game developers, but it is unclear whether any of them will develop a game specifically for Yeti or only make existing streamed games available.’

The extensive utilization of cloud servers and popularity of Chromecast could give Google a competitive edge over PlayStation Now and other videogame streaming services.

How much will Google Yeti cost?

Google has yet to release any information regarding pricing for Yeti.

By comparison, PlayStation Now currently costs $18.27 (£12.99) per month while GeForce Now by Nvidia costs $10.53 (£7.49) per month in the United Kingdom.

When will Google Yeti be released?

As of yet, no firm release date for Google Yeti has been announced.

However, with the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco set to be held from March 19 to March 23 and Google’s recent hiring of former Xbox and PlayStation executive Phil Harrison in January, it’s likely we’ll be hearing some more details about it soon.