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Great Gift Ideas for Milestone Birthdays

Maybe your husband is about to turn 30, or your mom is about to celebrate the big 6-0.

No matter who you’re celebrating, one thing is for sure: he or she is hitting a major milestone birthday and you want to present him or her with a great gift.

With some creativity, it’s easy and fun to shop for milestone birthday gifts, including the following ideas:

Hitting the Big 3-0

One special way to honor someone turning 30 is with personalized gifts that include 30 things that are unique and speak to them directly. For instance, you can take 30 photos of the two of you and transform them into a picture collage of art shaped like a heart. If your friend or loved one enjoys craft beers, look for 30 assorted cans of local brews; or, for the coffee lover, gift him or her a $30 gift card to their favorite coffee shop and a mug with “30” on it.

Sliding into 40

For birthday gals who love jewelry, commemorate her 40th birthday with a penny heart necklace made with a penny from 1980. Conversely, if the birthday boy or girl is a kid at heart and loves to play video games, you could order him or her a gamer T-shirt or two that comes in a variety of styles. With room still left in the birthday budget, you could also include a new video game or gift card to a video game digital distribution service like Steam.

Looking 50 and Fabulous

A special way to honor someone about to turn 50 is with a custom-made memory book made with the help of his or her closest friends, relatives, and co-workers. Reach out to a variety of people and ask them to send you a meaningful memory or something they admire about the birthday boy or girl. The goal is to have 50 wonderful stories or special thoughts that you can then put into an album.

You could also create a special playlist that features 50 meaningful songs from over the years. For someone who’s particularly special to you — like your lovely wife who’s turning 50 — you can go with the “50 is the golden birthday” theme and pick out an ornate gold necklace that you can have engraved with her name or a heartfelt word or two.

Wishing You Well in Your Golden Years

At a certain point in their lives, many people have enough stuff. If this seems to be true for a newly minted 60-, 70- or 80-year old, think about honoring their milestone birthday with something a bit more practical. For instance, your 60-year-old uncle might like a $60 gift card that he can put to use at his favorite golf course. Likewise, your 70-year-old aunt may appreciate a $70 gift card to a local diner or grocery store, while your 80-year-old dad may be delighted to have 80 postage stamps, 80 all-purpose greeting cards, and a few (but not 80!) nice new pens.

Celebrate and Enjoy These Milestone Birthdays

Every birthday is special, but there’s something extra fun and exciting about celebrating someone close to you who has hit a milestone age. With these and other creative ideas, it can be easy and fun to honor the birthday boy or girl in spirit and style.


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