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Green Card and Visa Are Not the Same! Learn the Differences

Green Card and visa are two different processes that are completely separate from each other. The Green Card is included in the United States constitution, and its equivalent is “land right”. This concept is in Latin, and its equivalent is Jus Soli. As a result, everyone born on US soil automatically gains the right to become American citizens. Every child who comes to the world and has American parents automatically becomes a US citizen, even if born outside the country.

Green Card is different. Green Card and visa are opposite to each other. While the visa grants the right to enter the country as a tourist, the Green Card grants a residence permit.

The easiest way to become a US citizen is to be born to a parent who is a citizen of the country. However, it is also possible to become a USA citizen afterward. Some conditions must be fulfilled for this. Those who have legally lived in the USA for a minimum of 5 years can become US citizens, provided that they live in the country until the end of the application process. Thus, it becomes possible to obtain citizenship right easily.

What is a Green Card?

US citizenships have the opportunity to settle in the USA officially. These people can work in the USA, rent a property, pay taxes. A green card means a residence permit. It does not mean citizenship. Holders of this card should apply to the US Immigration Office if they want to stay in the US for more than a year. Otherwise, the Green Card right may be forfeited. Become a Green Card permanent residence permit, but this permit does not allow voting or election to public office. This card must be renewed every ten years.

How to Get a Green Card?

Green Card can be mentioned in different ways. Getting a work visa. Having an EB-5 visa in the USA, marrying a US citizen makes it easy to have this card. Holders of this card can also apply for their children or siblings. However, the residence time is limited on the card obtained in this way. Those who have a Green Card are not allowed to have a US passport because this card is a residence permit.

Green Card Is Not the Same as Visa

Green Card and visa are often confused. Some people think that the Green Card and the visa are in the same document status. The visa is issued by the US consulates and gives a limited-time entry into the country. Certain conditions must also be fulfilled to obtain a visa. Those who will enter the USA must show their visa at the border, airport, or port. After the visa is shown at the entrance to the country, an examination is made by the customs officials. After this examination, it is decided whether to enter the country or not. If you come to the US border with a valid visa, entry procedures are easy.

The visa is included as a stamp in the passport. The USA issues two types of visas. One of them is an immigrant visa, and the other is a visa for non-immigrants. Those with immigrant visas will have a permanent residence document in the EU when entering the country. This person stays in the country as long as he does not participate in illegal business. He also gets the Green Card in a short time.

A non-immigrant visa is obtained for a certain period. The country must be abandoned when the visa expires. This visa is usually issued to artists, business people, tourists, and students. Examining the details of the Green Card DV program to apply for this visa ensures that the transactions are carried out smoothly.

The US visa is the entry document submitted by DOS outside this country. To receive it, it is necessary to have the criteria determined by the USA. The situation is the same for Green Card and visa. There are certain criteria for both, and it is impossible for people who do not meet these criteria to obtain a positive result for both a Green Card and a visa.

The visa can be obtained multiple times, and the visa has a certain duration. Green Card is valid during the period of residence in the USA. Holders of this residence permit are expected to comply fully with US law. Otherwise, the Green Card will be canceled, and the person will be deported from the country.

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