Greg Lynn: Ex-Jetstar pilot was blamed for ex-wife Lisa’s suicide death by her mother, court hears – as verdicts are revealed in Russell Hill, Carol Clay case

When the parents of Greg Lynn’s estranged ex-wife heard she was dead, the mother immediately suspected it was his fault, court documents have revealed. 

Lisa Lynn was found dead in October 1999 after consuming a lethal cocktail of booze and sleeping tablets.

It was information that was not before the Supreme Court of Victoria jury that on Tuesday acquitted Lynn of the murder of Russell Hill, but found him guilty of the murder of Carol Clay. 

The two secret lovers pitched a tent near Lynn when they died in the Wonnangatta Valley, in Victoria’s Alpine region, on March 20, 2020. 

There is no suggestion that the explosive information about Lisa Lynn could have led to a guilty verdict in Hill’s case, if admitted before the jury, or that Lynn was responsible for the death of his ex-wife. 

Daily Mail Australia can now reveal shocking allegations made against Lynn by the parents of his first wife and mother of his two children while living in Mount Macedon, north-west of Melbourne. 

It was information provided by the prosecution to Justice Michael Croucher after Lynn’s barrister suggested he was going to call witnesses that would give evidence backing his client’s ‘good character’. 

‘Before their separation, Lisa had told me that Greg had been making very serious death threats against her and that these continued through to her death,’ Lisa’s father told the coroner in a statement withheld from the trial.

Lisa Lynn lived in fear of her ex-husband Greg Lynn and ultimately took her own life, according to court documents. The information was not before the Victoria Supreme Court jury 

‘Greg had been verbally abusing Lisa since their marriage began. Lisa kept a diary from the day Greg left their marriage. The diary details the abusive phone calls and death threats and verbal abuse to their children made by Greg’. 

In a series of statements provided to Coroner Graeme Johnstone at the time, Lynn’s alleged torment of his ex-wife was revealed

Lisa had left no suicide note and had not indicated to anyone that she might have been suicidal.

During pre-trial argument in the Supreme Court, it was revealed Lynn was found not responsible for his ex-wife’s death, with the coroner ruling it a suicide.

Greg Lynn was accused of murdering two elderly campers 

Coroner heard Greg Lynn admitted to being violent toward his ex-wife Lisa Lynn

Coroner heard Greg Lynn admitted to being violent toward his ex-wife Lisa Lynn 


Coroner Graeme Johnstone said Lisa Lynn was believed to have been deeply depressed at the time of her death.

However, the Coroner was left with outstanding questions over whether she had intended to take her own life or not. 

Forensic doctors later revealed her blood alcohol content was a whopping 0.2 – more than three times the legal limit to drive a car.

They also found traces of antidepressants in her system.

Lisa was found in the foetal position out the front of the family’s home in Macedon, north-west of Melbourne, while the couple’s two children, aged one and three, were asleep inside.   

The Coroners Court heard Lynn accepted via unsigned statements he had been violent toward his ex-wife including breaking into the family home, stealing keys and taking the car. 

In court documents provided to the Coroner’s Court, Lisa’s father, who was not named in court, claimed he had become aware of Lynn’s verbal abuse against his daughter since the marriage began. 

‘I’m also aware … of the abuse and the fact that Greg broke into the house and took the car, leaving Lisa with two children and no form of transport,’ he told the coroner. 

‘He refused to bring the car back and he left her with no money.’ 

Lisa’s dad told the coroner Lynn had bullied and intimidated her after the breakdown of their marriage.   

‘I know from speaking to Lisa that she was not prepared to press charges against Greg for fear of repercussions.

‘She took his threats very seriously. She was absolutely petrified and lived in terror,’ he claimed.

Lisa’s mother, who would travel from Tasmania to help her struggling daughter,  painted an even more disturbing portrait of her former son-in-law while giving evidence, including accusations of animal cruelty, violence and ‘bizarre’ behaviour. 

‘In addition to not gaining any support from Greg, he would subject her to physical and mental abuse on a regular basis,’ she told the coroner.

‘These events happened too frequently to remember, specifically but things like losing his temper for no reason and blaming Lisa for anything that went wrong. 

‘He then would yell and throw things at her and push her around. I felt very uncomfortable when these events occurred because I was not inclined to interfere and Lisa would plead with me not to interfere.’

Greg Lynn was described in the Coroner's Court as acting bizarre and allegedly killed helpless animals

Greg Lynn was described in the Coroner’s Court as acting bizarre and allegedly killed helpless animals 

Carol Clay and Russell Hill died in the remote Victorian wilderness. Lynn was found guilty of Clay's murder, but not Hill's

Carol Clay and Russell Hill died in the remote Victorian wilderness. Lynn was found guilty of Clay’s murder, but not Hill’s

Greg Lynn remarried Melanie Lynn, who stood by him during his Supreme Court of Victoria trial

Greg Lynn remarried Melanie Lynn, who stood by him during his Supreme Court of Victoria trial 

Lisa’s mum told the coroner her daughter told her any interference from her would result in further pain and misery at home. 

‘Greg’s behaviour in general would be described as bizarre. In my opinion, he has a warped mind,’ she told the coroner. 

‘He has done things in the past like killing animals and neighbour’s pet, refusing to feed the children when he was supposed to be looking after them and on one occasion, he exploded into a fit of uncontrollable rage when we went for dinner at the Macedon Hotel.’

Lisa’s mum told the court Lynn verbally attacked a man in the bar after he made the mistake of speaking to Lisa. 

He then flew into a ‘rage’ at his then wife after leaving the hotel, she told the coroner. 

‘The only thing that I would like to add is that as far as I’m concerned, Greg is responsible for my daughter’s death by mental torture inflicted by him,’ Lisa’s mum told the court.

‘I know that she was living in absolute fear of Greg. I accept from what (I’m told) regarding the circumstances in which she died that she was alone on the night. 

‘Greg was not there however her actions were a culmination of the fear and terror that she lived under.’

The court heard Lisa had kept a detailed journal and diary of her fractured relationship with Lynn. 

Lynn’s defence chose not to present any ‘good character’ evidence to the jury. 

Lynn will face court at a future date for a pre-sentencing hearing over Clay’s murder.