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Growing Your Health Business

Businesses Have To Grow To Maintain Profitability

To run a profitable health business requires doing many of the things traditional operations do. Just because your business provides services that are necessary for health overall doesn’t mean that will necessarily put you in a position to command your local market. Even if you’re the only option for a hundred miles, nearby medical practices may have a better reputation.

Beyond reputation, you’ll need to get all the “compliance” issues out of the way. HIPAA can be very expensive if you fall out of compliance. Much of what defines medical operations involves setting up a proper foundation in adherence to all local and federal laws. But even if you get things “perfect” in this area, there’s a lot more to consider

With that in mind, following we’ll briefly cover five ways you can grow your health business in a way that’s sustainable over the long term.

Focusing On Specific Services And Mastering Them

It’s better to master one discipline in terms of healthcare provision than to shoot for all of them.

The human body is exceptionally complex. Even though vehicles are designed by human beings, independently-owned auto care facilities tend to have specialties. Tires, oil changes, engine rebuilds, brakes, alignment, exhaust systems—all will have small, specified mechanical businesses. Some cover everything, most start with one concentration.

Well, as a healthcare clinic, you may want to start out in a field like otolaryngology (an ENT), then gradually expand to more expansive health services like those involved in respiration. It’s better to start small and successfully expand over time than overextending yourself from the outset.

Securing Reviews And Testimonials From Satisfied Patients

Reviews and testimonials from satisfied patients help show that what you do is qualitative. If you know somebody has benefited from your medical practice, write them, call them, or send them an email requesting a review.

Alternatively, you might write up a review and ask them if they authorize you to publish it in their name. Regardless, set up some sort of visible edifice where ratings and reviews can be made publicly known.

Consultation Through The Right Professional Groups

Another wise move is getting consultation from marketing professionals who understand your particular healthcare niche. Working with experts in healthcare consulting is very wise, and can quickly save you from going down the wrong outreach “avenue”, or incidentally misrepresenting your clinic.

PR-Based Advertisement Utilizing Public Service

Most local communities have some sort of “health fair”, and if you set up a free kiosk, then contact local news publications, you can get free PR. Public Relations through your own newsworthy action can act as “free” marketing. This will make you more visible, cost you next to nothing, and funnel new patients to you.

Online Marketing Based In SEO Best Practices

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, involves designing online content which is regularly updated and expanded on.

You might have a blog with geographically-centred keywords, you might have a variety of YouTube videos, or a regularly updated Twitter page; whatever best suits you. Again, consultation is wise here. The Internet represents fine advertisement potential.

Getting Your Health Business Up And Running Profitably

When you focus on specific services and master them as a health provider, secure proper reviews or testimonials, work with effective consultation through medical consultancies, lean into natural PR, and enact known best practices for online visibility, these things should help your medical operation expand in profitability naturally.

Lastly, keep metrics on all measures you take toward expansion as a means of determining which tactics work, which ones don’t, and where you can improve. There is always room for improvement, and as you branch out, new healthcare services will likely begin to define your practice.