‘Grub’ walks into a police station and starts COUGHING on officers claiming he has coronavirus 

‘Grub’ walks into a police station and starts COUGHING on officers claiming he has coronavirus – forcing the entire building to go into emergency lockdown

  • A ‘grub’ allegedly put Coffs Harbour police station, NSW, into lockdown Monday
  • The man walked in coughing pretending he had tested positive for coronavirus
  • Officers told him to wait outside and the building closed until it was proven false
  • He has since been charged and a video he made of the incident has gone viral 
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A ‘grub’ has sent a police station into lockdown after coughing on officers while pretending to have coronavirus.

The man was attending Coffs Harbour Police Station, on NSW’s mid-north coast, on Monday for mandatory daily reporting when he allegedly decided to play a prank on authorities.

He has since been charged.  

A covert video he took of the incident on his phone was later posted to Facebook.

It begins by showing him pointing his middle finger towards the building before walking towards the entrance. 

The man made a convert video of himself coughing and splattering in the station as he pranked authorities

‘Got to report to these dogs every day,’ he says, glaring into the camera, before turning it to face down towards his feet.

As he enters, he starts coughing and spluttering while approaching a woman at the front desk.

‘Hello, how are you, I just got to report,’ he says in between coughs, ‘I’m sorry, I’ve been tested positive for that coronavirus.’

‘Sorry?’ the woman says.

‘I’ve been tested positive for that coronavirus.

The woman responds: ‘You have not.’

‘Yes I have,’ he declares.

‘What are you doing in here?’ she asks. 

He says: ‘I have to report every day or I go to jail.’

The woman asks him if he is joking but he maintains that he is serious. 

She tells him to wait a moment while she consults other staff. 

‘You shouldn’t be coming in here, why didn’t you just ring up?’ she asks.

‘Because I can’t,’ he replies. 

A male and female police officer scolded the man before charging him over the incident

A male and female police officer scolded the man before charging him over the incident

A female officer appears in the office, standing metres away, and asks the man if he is serious about having the illness.

He insists it is true and had just come from Coffs Harbour Hospital where he tested positive. 

She asks him to go wait outside the building before the video cuts to a still image of the station in lockdown. 

The film resumes after the man has been caught out by police and is permitted to re-enter the station.

Two police officers scold him for his behaviour and announce he will be charged as he laughs and proclaims it was just a ‘joke’.  

The video was shared by radio station 2GB on Wednesday and has since gone viral, racking up 32,000 views and more than 800 views in an hour. 

Commentators were outraged by the man’s appalling behaviour as the globe continues to battle a devastating crisis. 

‘What a tool. For his effort he should maybe get the disease to experience what sufferers are going through this is no bloody laughing matter,’ one person wrote.

Another added:’Wonder how long it took him to think you this prank (likely a week or so). His parents must be sooooo proud.’  

Daily Mail Australia has contacted NSW Police for comment. 

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