Guaranteed Success with High-Tech Poultry House Equipment

In modern farm businesses the poultry management is essential, as well as appropriate maintenance equipment. When it comes to starting up poultry farming, an owner needs to outline each step of the business development: from the premise to keep the poultry to equipment implementation of high quality and with certain facilities.

Poultry farming involves working with poultry that needs to be appropriately kept. In this case, they will be healthy, grow fast and lay eggs, leading to decent profit through meat and egg production. The way the farm owner treats the poultry defines the general poultry immunity and the value of financial flow in the business. Therefore, specific equipment and tailored facilities in poultry life support are crucial in poultry farming.

Worthy Poultry House Equipment from TEXHA company

The innovative poultry house equipment manufactured by TEXHA company is of high quality and state-of-the-art solutions in poultry life maintenance. Moreover, they provide services on equipment installation, repair, and retrofitting of existing machinery when needed.

Cage-free poultry house equipment technology

Thus, due to the automation opportunities of poultry house equipment, it allows to breed and keep chickens, pullets, broilers, parent and grandparent flock, and develop egg production. The company’s uniqueness in poultry maintenance equipment is cage-free equipment. According to it, poultry is provided with a natural living environment. This type of cage-free is called Baltika, and it is produced for the following purposes:

  • Baltika-2 with darkened nests for laying hens for egg production;
  • Baltika-4 suitable for 2nd category egg production;
  • Baltika Pullets model for pullet grow.

This poultry house equipment technology is made of high-quality material, a galvanized steel, and engages minimum human interaction in poultry production.

Vital facilities of cage-free poultry house equipment technology

Cage-free equipment has a set of facilities implemented in the manufacturing process and automated. They are the following:

  • litter removal that operates quickly across all levels of the facility except for the 1st level;
  • feeding system that controls the feed quality and distributes the required portion for each bird;
  • drinking system that supplies the birds with water of proper quality and in sufficient quantity;
  • microclimate system that involves monitoring such factors within the cage as temperature, humidity, airflow rate, noise level, microbiological contamination level, etc.;
  • the lighting system that provides particular lighting conditions to affect the birds, food craving, and physiological growth.

In addition, the company’s poultry house equipment meets all particular European and US requirements that are highly demanded in modern poultry farming. The automation systems installed in specific equipment allow keeping the birds in good conditions to breed with the minimum human factor.