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Guide for a Successful Amazon Interview

Preparing for a successful Amazon Interview? That might be a hard and thrilling task, isn’t it? There’s always an excitement of watching your dream come true and the fear of losing a possible Amazon job.

After all, it’s one of the biggest tech companies in the world. According to a 2018 article by LinkedIn, Amazon solely provides employment to 566,000 people as of 2018. It was also reported to be the second private employer company in the United States.

The good and competitive salary along with other perks like working with one of the biggest tech companies is a big deal.

If you are preparing for a successful interview with Amazon, then here I am with some of the tips that can help you ace it!

How to get yourself an interview

Before you think to crack an interview, you need to think about how you are going to have an interview scheduled for yourself in the first place.

Most of the Amazon Interviews require the applicants to have proper knowledge of coding. The best way to apply to Amazon is to go to the career website offered by the company and apply there directly.

Sometimes Amazon itself contacts coders but for that, you need to have an exceptional web presence.

Choose quality over quantity

While preparing for an Amazon interview, don’t go for quantity. Instead, go for quality. Don’t overload your brain with excess information and think you need to know everything to get the job.

It’s quite common for some people to do productive procrastination.

They prepare on a large scale and think they are doing the right thing. But most of the topics in their preparation were of no value to the interview at all.

Instead, go for the materials that are likely to appear in the interview. Having a good knowledge of data structures and algorithms is going to help you much more.

The most common types of problems

The most common types of problems in the Amazon interviews include the followings –

  • Trees
  • Arrays
  • System Design.

Although the System Design questions were asked only to the candidates who have experience of more than 3 years as a software engineer, the rest of the questions including trees and arrays are quite common.


These kinds of questions are the most commonly asked ones. Most of the tree-based questions are about BTs (binary trees) and BSTs (binary search trees).

Thus, work towards having a proper understanding of these data structures on a fundamental and deep level.


Just like the tree-based questions, the array-based questions are equally important and common. Thus, you should have a good grasp of it as well.

When it comes to questions that include arrays, the primary array-based questions include “Two-Sum” problems and typically it’s variations… such as “Three-Sum” problems and further variations.

If you do not receive any such problems in your interview, do not think that all your efforts will go to waste.

Practicing these questions will help you out to get a stronghold on the techniques and data structures that will be helpful to your process.

System Design

As already mentioned, these kinds of questions are commonly asked by those who have experience in software engineering for more than three years.

These questions mostly include web-based components like URL shortener service and the design of an e-commerce store.

Decide wisely before choosing your practice material

Being successful in an Amazon interview is a huge thing. It needs sufficient preparation that is going in the right direction.

For that, choosing your practice material becomes very important. You need to be sure that the material you are using to crack the interview is really helpful or plainly vague.

Like all the other fields, practice is the key here too. You need to be properly aware of the kind of questions that you are going to face.

Having an actual knowledge of  Amazon Interview Questions on Interview Kickstart is really going to serve your purpose.


Getting a job in the world’s largest e-commerce company is a dream and requires effort. A good interview is your stairway to your dream life. Make sure you give it your best.

Looking for information videos? You can also check Interview Kickstart on YouTube.