Guide How to Create a Digital Business Card Using an Online Graphic Editor

The presence of a business card is mandatory for any business person, freelancer, or professional in any field. At any time, you can meet a potential client or business partner, and a business card will allow you to quickly and easily exchange contacts with him.

In this article, we will tell you how to use a VistaCreate flyer maker so that you get an idea of how, with the help of VistaCreate, to create not only digital business cards but also flyers, social network posts, YouTube intros, etc.

What Is a Business Card and How to Create It in the Online Graphic Editor?

Business cards in the classic form are cardboard rectangles measuring 5 by 9 centimeters with the name and surname, company name, office address, and contact details:

  • Site addresses
  • Email
  • Phone numbers for communication

Nowadays, electronic business cards are also common, allowing you to share contacts without transferring data on paper.

Especially for creating digital business cards, online graphic editors were developed. These tools, through the use of professional templates, help you quickly design stylish business cards, even if you have never done graphic design before.

The most convenient, in my opinion, is the VistaCreate online service, which contains many ready-made layouts for a variety of printed products, including business cards.

How to Create a Business Card in VistaCreate?

After registering or logging in with a Google, Facebook, or Apple account, select the “Event” section from the “Templates” menu and then find the “Business Card” category. Click the design layout you like and click the “Select Template” button.

You can also create a blank business card and design your own.

VistaCreate business card maker allows you to move elements, customize the background, text, and icons, add photos and upload a logo. When you’re done, click the “Download” button on the top bar and select the file format: JPG, PNG, or PDF.

To save the business card layout in high resolution, you should select the “PDF for printing” option. It is worth noting that VistaCreate saves the business card in your account, which allows you to change its design or edit the text at any time.

Why Do We Need Digital Business Cards?

Paper business cards are being replaced by electronic business cards, which are a file with information about you and the company that you can share online and which is stored in an application on a smartphone or on a plastic card.

A digital business card can also be presented as a landing page.

There are several ways to distribute a digital business card:

  • Read the QR code using your smartphone’s camera. A QR business card is the easiest and fastest option for transferring contact information. You can encrypt them into a QR code, then post them on your social networks or print them and stick them on your smartphone case
  • Use an NFC card. A link to a digital business card can be written on a plastic card with a built-in NFC chip. To transfer contacts, you need to bring this card to the interlocutor’s smartphone. One click is enough to add information to contacts
  • Mobile application with a business card. You can share data both at a meeting and by sending a link to a digital business card in a messenger, by mail, or by SMS. The application allows you to edit business card data or create additional business cards at any time

What Are the Benefits of Digital Business Cards Over Paper Business Cards?

Digital business cards have many advantages:

  • If a paper business card is handed only at a personal meeting, then a digital business card can be easily sent anywhere in the world: sent via instant messengers or social networks, added as a signature to an email, etc.
  • You do not have to develop a layout and order a print
  • Issuing a business card takes 1-2 minutes and reduces costs, even in the case of using paid services
  • To update the information, you do not need to reprint the entire run – making changes to the file will be enough. The data in the digital business card can be changed at any time, and the QR code will remain the same, only contact information will be updated
  • Digital business cards allow you to use engagement tools, such as survey links or signup forms, and track new customer acquisitions using analytics.

In addition, a new, modern tool will set you apart from your competitors, which is especially important for those whose business is related to the digital sphere.