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Guide On The Side Effects Of Taking A Lot Of Coffee

Coffee has been said to help in prevention of some of the diseases such as stroke and several cancers, improve our focus and mental alertness, and lower the risks of Parkinson’s or dementia. Many office premises enjoy the advantage of office coffee delivery service offering quality coffee to their door step but they don’t know that taking too much coffee every day may cause some side effects. Caffeine is a stimulant which also has some benefits. Caffeine can really cause problems among the people with diabetes, high blood pressure or osteoporosis. Caffeine can also interact very poorly with other medications that are common and this may worsen anxiety, heartburn and insomnia.

What Are The Side Effects Of Coffee?

It is always very important to note that caffeine which is in the coffee you are drinking is a drug. Taking less coffee means that you are taking either low or moderate doses of caffeine and this will be safer. However, caffeine is also very addictive and the users can really be dependent to it and may find it very difficult to stop using the drug. There are several effects of taking too much caffeine and they include:

  • It may really increase anxiety and hinder the sleeping patterns. This may cause restless sleep, dependence on caffeine to assist in daytime fatigue and may be followed with more insomnia.
  • Caffeine may interact with several medications.
  • Caffeine can really increase the levels of blood sugar. This makes it difficult for the people having type 2 diabetes to handle their insulin. It may also raise the blood pressure slightly. It is good to switch to decaf if you see that you are having some problems in either controlling the blood pressure or the diabetes.

Coffee itself may also hinder with your stomach functioning. It is not good to take coffee or tea when you are experiencing some problems of heartburn or acid reflux. They are not right for you and they might just worsen the situation.

If you also have high cholesterol levels and do not need your coffee to increase the level of this problem, then you may take a filter paper and use it for trapping the cafestol. Cafestol is a compound in the coffee which can raise LDL levels of cholesterol.

  • You have to stop taking coffee if you are a person who frequently experiences the heartburn problems. Coffee is very acidic and may become so irritating to your gastrointestinal tract. In this situation, it may really not be helpful to switch to decaf and it may even increase the stomach acid more than the caffeinated coffee. The only option is just to avoid taking coffee at all as the switching methods of roasting or brewing won’t even help.
  • If you are also having problems of acid reflux, then caffeine is not good for you. Caffeine will cause more problems as it will relax the sphincter muscles which normally help in keeping the acid in the stomach from trying to bubble up the esophagus.

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