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Guide to Playing BolaTangkas Online Gambling

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Gambling games at this time in Indonesia itself has been growing rapidly, gambling games are no longer played in real or offline, various gambling games can now be found online, on the internet itself there are many kinds of gambling games that you can play. One of the most popular and most widely played gambling games is the type of agile gambling game, this type of game is quite interesting for gamblers to play. Because the game of agile ball itself is quite easy to play and also has a considerable victory value. The game that uses 52 cards with 2 Joker cards is much in demand by beginner gamblers, the reason is this game already supports the application so that it can play wherever we are. For those of you who still don’t know clearly what a bolatangkas game is, here we will explain some guidelines related to playing an bola tangkas.

Definition of 88-tangkas bola gambling

BolaTangkas gambling is a game that is played using 52 cards with a variety of types of cards, for 2 of which are Joker cards. This game starts by making a bet coin to open cards, players who have the best combination of cards will be paid according to the winnings obtained.

How to register bolatangkas online

For the registration process itself, you can immediately see an example of the menu registration online gambling bolatangkas field below. Perform registration by filling in the registration form such as Name, Email address, Phone number, User id, Password, Bank account, Bank Name and account holder’s name. Fill in completely all the data required.

How to play bolatangkas online

Then if you have filled in all the registration data, the next step you can immediately make a deposit in advance in accordance with the bank you are using. Please always pay attention to the active account number in the deposit menu. The minimum deposit value or amount has been determined by the site of bola tangkas gambling agents.

The procedure for playing bolatangkas online

If you have filled the deposit coin, the next step is to play in accordance with the table that you want to choose, for several choices of tables that are available in accordance with the table below.

List of Tables in bolatangkas online games

In the table above, we have written a number of different types of agile ball games with different coin values. Choose according to your wishes. For symbol A is a list of tables that you can choose from, while for symbol B is User data, Bonus games to game history. Please enter by clicking the Play menu on the right side.

How to read bolatangkas cards online

To read online agile cards, here we have provided a list of special types of cards available in online agile games. Like the one at the top there are types of Royal Flush cards that can be with Joker or without Joker. Bonus value is given x 500. For the second type of card there are 5K or Five A Kind which consists of 3 twin cards and 2 Joker. Can be without a joker or with a joker. For the value of the win bonus given x 200. And so on.

Keyboard and Mouse Functions

Button B: For betting, Button N: For Full Bet, Button M: For Collect Prizes, while Left Mouse for Bet and Right for Deal. Come join us and be a true winner.