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Guide to Selecing an Erecile Dysfunction Urologist Treament Doctor

Erectile dysfunction is very widespread among men of all ages in Miami. Whether it occurs because of old age or other problems, it requires special medical attention from a professional urologist. In cases of irreversible erectile dysfunction where sexual activity is irredeemably affected, a penile prosthesis implant may be recommended. However, most urology specialists would also suggest medication, alternative treatments, and even lifestyle modifications before resorting to a penile prosthesis implant. That’s because the implant may result in a loss of the erection reflex in men, eliminating your natural erections.

Depending on your medical condition and the compromises you’re willing to take, a urologist in Miami will determine if you’re a candidate for the penile prosthesis implant. In any case, living with erectile dysfunction isn’t a choice you have to make. Contacting an expert urologist to diagnose and help you is a valid option. We recommend doing this since the treatments are efficient and very effective at solving your problem. Your quality of life will improve considerably. Depending on the type of implant, you’ll achieve an artificial erection whenever you want to!

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How do penile prosthesis implants work?

Penile prosthesis implants are surgically-implanted devices that help men suffering from erectile dysfunction achieve an erection efficiently. It’s important to know that the implant won’t affect your sensation during sexual intercourse, nor will it impede your orgasms. Usually, penile prosthesis implants are recommended by urologists when all other treatments have failed. That’s because this implant fully disables your ability to achieve a natural erection. If it’s removed, the patient won’t be able to achieve an erection in any way.

There are two types of penile prosthesis implants:

  • One involves the insertion of two plastic rods in the erection chambers of the penis. These rods are bendable, and the patient can move the penis into the desired position. This includes lifting or adjusting the penis to the desired position.
  • The second involves a hydraulic, inflatable penile prosthesis implant that allows you to be more subtle whenever you don’t want an erection. The urologist will insert a pump and a reservoir into the groin muscles. Then, the reservoir is filled with liquid, which enters into the erection chambers via tubing.

To achieve an erection, you need to activate the pump, sending the fluid from the reservoir into your erection chambers. To remove the erection, simply press the deflation valve, and it will drain the liquid from the erection chambers back into the reservoir.

Many patients prefer the latter option since it allows for a more natural-looking erection. However, both implants have their roles, and the urologist in Miami will discuss this with you in great detail! Whenever you’re ready for a consultant, drop by!

Experienced urologist for erectile dysfunction problems

Not just any urologist can help you change your lifestyle and your quality of life. Erectile dysfunction problems require ample knowledge and experience to treat properly. The penile prosthetic implants are advanced medical procedures that change a patient’s life forever. Whether the results are beneficial for the patient depends on the professionalism of the urologist doctor. An experienced urologist can accurately diagnose your medical condition and recommend the perfect treatment.

You may not need a penile prosthetic implant, and medication may be enough to fix your erectile dysfunction problem. The urologist will mention this when explaining the advantages and disadvantages of receiving a penile implant. However, if you suffer from irreversible ED (erectile dysfunction), few options are left. To resume your sexual life and regain your quality of life, only a penile prosthetic implant may help you! Contact a professional urologist doctor in Miami for more information on erectile dysfunction!

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