Guy Grip Installation and Function on an Electric Pole

For more than half a century, it has become a common practice for electric distribution companies to use the Guy Grip to secure dead ends in utility pole installation. Guy Grips helps in adding the much-needed tension to the cable. Over time, it became the industry standard because of its properties and performance.

Things like the material strength, conduction properties, and design are just a few of what makes Guy Grips a great material. But one of the critical factors that made the industry willing to adopt it was the straightforward installation process. It is not labor-intensive, and it adds to why Guy grip can perform its function effectively.

How to Install Guy Grips on electric poles

Tools and manpower: Installation of a Guy Grip is frequently done by hand and is quite straight-forward, all you need to know is how to select the right guy grip. There is a tag attached to each one that tells you about the properties, things like the size and the diameter.

You need to be aware of the seat diameter and the groove diameter of the pole end you plan to attach it to so that you can select the grip with the right loop size. Once you confirm that, you need to make sure that the material matches that of the utility pole guy wire, and have an end sleeve to fasten up the end after installation.

Installation process: Although this process is easy, it is a critical procedure that should be carried out by experienced personnel.

The first step is to pass one of the legs through the gap so that you have the head of the loop snapped in the groove. If you selected the correct size, it should be a perfect fit. Afterward, you should wrap each leg of the guy grip consecutively around the guy wire starting from the dead-end as if you are making a twist. The helical shape of the Grip will allow it to rest on the Guy wire so that it stays fastened as you wrap it around it.

As you proceed, you will get close to the end of the Guy Grip and see an indication or mark on it. At that point you should separate each leg of the Grip into individual cable strands and wrap them independently (one after the other), starting from the shortest. This process secures the grip and allows them to lap properly.

After wrapping the entire wire around the Guy Grip, you can pass the end sleeve around the Guy wire (just a few inches above where the Grip terminates) and slide it down to surround the end of the Grip.

What are the functions of Guy Grips?

The function of a Guy Grip is to properly fasten the ends of Guy wires in electrical pole installation, masts, optical fiber applications, and grounding wires. To do this safely, it must satisfy some properties like tensile strength, conductivity, and a good grip. This is why most Guy Grips are made from the same material as the line and given its helical shape.

In conclusion, it is important to check that guy grip used meets the needed quality since it is expected to hold the ends effectively for about 30 years. Choosing a manufacturer with guaranteed quality is becoming important.

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