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Guy Verhofstadt labels Boris Johnson a ‘TRAITOR’ over Brexit

Guy Verhofstadt labels Boris Johnson a ‘TRAITOR’ as furious war of words erupts between UK and EU over Brexit stalemate

  • Guy Verhofstadt made incendiary comment during address to MEPs today
  • European Parliament’s Brexit chief lashed out as No Deal seems more likely

Guy Verhofstadt today labelled Boris Johnson a ‘traitor’ in an incendiary speech in the European Parliament as the EU and UK remain locked in a state of stalemate. 

The European Parliament Brexit co-ordinator said the proposals put forward by Mr Johnson last week in his ‘final offer’ were ‘not serious’. 

Mr Verhofstadt claimed that Mr Johnson treated anyone who was opposed to Brexit as a ‘traitor’ or ‘collaborator’ before telling MEPs that the ‘real traitor’ was the British PM. 

He said: ‘All those who are not playing his game are traitors, or collaborators, or surrenderers. 

‘Well, in my opinion dear colleagues, the real traitor is he or she who would risk bringing disaster upon his country, its economy, its citizens by pushing Britain out of the European Union. 

‘That is, in my opinion, a traitor.’ 

Guy Verhofstadt, pictured in the European Parliament in Brussels yesterday, today claimed that Boris Johnson was a ‘traitor’ to the UK


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