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Hack explains why you need to store peanut butter upside down

Have you been storing peanut butter wrong this whole time? Experts say the spread should be kept upside down in the pantry to avoid an ‘oily’ texture

  • Storing peanut butter the regular way can make it hard to get out it of the jar
  • This is because the oil becomes separated and the product needs to be stirred  
  • However, storing it upside down has proven a way to distribute oils throughout

Peanut butter lovers have discovered a new hack to solve the problem of oil pooling inside the jar.

Emerging online courtesy of PureWow, the trick involves simply storing the spread upside down.

The clever hack works because it distributes the oils present in peanut butter more evenly throughout, meaning it can be spread without being stirred first. 

A hack has recently emerged online which offers a solution to peanut butter which has separated: store the product upside down

The problem with oils separating from peanut butter is faced by those who prefer a natural product. 

Natural peanut butter is made from ground up, roasted peanuts, without the preservatives or additives that keep the oil from separating.

Peanut butter formulated this way will see peanut oil separate from the peanut paste and rise to the top.

Although the trick is a great solution for helping the product to retain its consistency, it shouldn’t be stored this way for too long.  

What are the nutritional benefits of peanut butter? 

* Two tablespoons of peanut butter supply enough protein for an entire meal and half the amount of fibre found in a slice of wholemeal bread.

* It also provides monounsaturates – Omega-6 fats – which help reduce high cholesterol.

* A serving of peanut butter supplies 10 per cent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin E and significant amounts of the B vitamins, niacin and biotin.

The key to ensure the hack works is to use the product regularly as flipping it is how the oil and peanut paste stay mixed (stock image)

The key to ensure the hack works is to use the product regularly as flipping it is how the oil and peanut paste stay mixed (stock image)

Each time you use the peanut butter you should flip it back the other way so the oils begin to mix in again – significantly reducing the stirring time needed. 

If there is a likelihood of needing to store peanut butter for some time, it’s important to store it in the fridge.

Although this won’t entirely eliminate the problem of the oil separating, it will slow the process down.