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Hannah Stow reveals disgusting thing masseuse did after he came around for massage

A young woman has revealed the horrifying reason why she believes nobody should invite a masseuse into their home.

Hannah Stow, a 28-year-old singer, said she really needed a massage one day and decided she would get someone to drop by.

‘I was feeling really, really lazy,’ she said.

‘Surely there is an option for a masseuse to come to me.’

Hannah works as a nurse to fund her future career in music – so knows the importance of hiring reputable providers when it comes to health. 

The Perth-based artist ended up finding a man online who had was qualified in physiotherapy and had many years of experience.

But she regretted the decision the moment he began massaging her calves and ‘something else touched her leg’.

Hannah Stowe, 28, has revealed her regret over inviting a masseuse into her home

 ‘I was just laying there thinking that was weird,’ she said describing the touch to the foot as feeling ‘like another hand’.

‘In hindsight it is so wild to me because I was trying so hard to be polite,’ she said.

She was working herself up because she knew she was the only other person in the room. 

‘I thought “I feel like both of his hands are on my calf, I am thinking too much into this”,’ she said.

When she turned around to look at her foot the masseuse stopped working on her leg and turned to look at the other side of the room.

‘I am like “what is this man looking at why is he being so shady?”,’ she said.

‘I put my head back down thinking I am seeing s**t.,’ she said.

‘The second time I looked around I saw him put something back into his pants,’ she claimed.

Hannah looked furious as she declared: ‘You heard it first here folks, I got a masseuse to come to my house, he gave me a massage, and put his (whistles) on my foot.’ 

Her story divided her audience with many people offering their sympathy and telling her she should report the masseuse to stop him from harassing other women.

‘Call the police, this is clear sexual assault,’ one man said.

Another urged her to ‘be safe and set up a video camera before allowing  strangers into her home next time.’

While a third said ‘It sucks because there are rats like this out there and it makes it hard for the rest of us offering home service’.

But others told her she had a fierce imagination – of that if roles were reversed the extra attention would come at an extra charge.

The singer said she didn't know how to react so 'tried to be polite' about the horrific experience

 The singer said she didn’t know how to react so ‘tried to be polite’ about the horrific experience

One woman shot down these comments and shamed those voicing them for ‘minimising rape culture’.

Another man said the event ‘100000 per cent never happened’ only to be shut down.

‘It happens more than you think, get out from under your rock,’ one woman slammed. 

Hannah said she found the comments disgusting but decided to continue to share her story to empower other women. 

She also revealed the awkward encounter happened ‘years ago’ and that she didn’t report him.

‘I wasn’t traumatised by it as I have a way of making jokes out of things that make me uncomfortable or writing songs about things that are awkward to talk about,’ she said.

She said the masseuse was working on her legs when she felt 'a third hand'

She said the masseuse was working on her legs when she felt ‘a third hand’ 

‘This happened when I was 21 and only now at 28 have I spoken about it. I have a strong sense of self now and reflecting back I thought to myself ‘that was actually so inappropriate and definitely something I should have reported,’ she added.

She went on to express her shock at the reactions on TikTok.

‘The comments are scary and are part of the reason girls are brought up being taught to ‘walk with your keys in your knuckles when you walk to your car’ or ‘don’t walk alone at night’ or ‘only have one headphone in so you can hear footsteps behind you’,’ she said.

‘The comments on that video are what create the divide – not women speaking out.’

1800RESPECT is the national domestic, family and sexual violence counselling, information and support service. 

What is sexual harassment? 

According to Queensland law:

For there to be sexual harassment, all of these elements need to be present:

The conduct is sexual in nature

The conduct is unwelcome

The conduct is done either:

with the intention of offending, humiliating, or intimidating the target; or

in circumstances where a reasonable person would have anticipated the possibility that the target would be offended, humiliated, or intimidated.

It includes uninvited physical intimacy such as touching in a sexual way, uninvited sexual propositions, and remarks with sexual connotations.

It has nothing to do with mutual attraction or consensual behaviour.

Sexual harassment can take various forms and may be obvious or subtle, physical or verbal. Examples of sexual harassment include:

unwelcome physical touching;

sexual or suggestive comments, jokes or innuendo;

unwelcome requests for sex;

intrusive questions about a person’s private life or body;

the display of sexually explicit material such as posters or pictures;

unwanted invitations to go out on dates;

staring or leering;

sex based insults or taunts; and

sexually offensive communications, including telephone calls, letters, faxes, email and computer screen savers.

Sexual harassment does not have to be repeated or continuous to be against the law. A single act can be unlawful.

Source: Queensland Government 


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