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Harry Redknapp, Joe Root and the WHOLE of Manchester City FC back Mail’s Great British Spring Clean

How do I join? 

Go to and choose an option:

  • You can ‘pledge to pick’: contribute to the campaign by picking up as much litter as you like, whenever you like, at any point during the campaign;
  • Host a clean-up, either a private event with friends, family, a community group or work colleagues or even an open event that other people can join
  • Join an organised clean-up. In the coming weeks groups will be set up and their details added to an interactive online map. Click on the map to find details and email the organiser to tell them you’d like to join them.

What does it involve?

We are asking volunteers to separate litter into three bags: One for plastic bottles, one for aluminium cans and one for all other rubbish and waste.

Who can join in?

Everyone and anyone! We’re aiming to inspire thousands of volunteers – in partnership with community organisations, businesses and councils – to collect and safely dispose of litter from our streets, parks and beaches – recycling as much as possible.

What’s a pledge?

It’s just a way of recording your interest, support and involvement. 

You just need to be able to pick up litter – even one piece per day during the campaign is one piece less littering our environment. 

Many people who join our campaign are completely new to litter-picking so this is a great way to start.

What happens when I sign up?

When you sign up to the Great British Spring Clean you can keep track of everything on your own personalised online ‘dashboard’. 

This is your space to add litter-picks, get access to useful guides and find out what to do with your rubbish.

This is also where you can go after your clean-up to record your results.

How do I join an existing clean up?

Go to and search our interactive map to find a public event in your area. 

Once you register to ‘join the clean-up’ an email will be sent to the event organiser with your details. They will then liaise with you directly.

How do I host a litter pick?

We’ve written seven useful guides to different aspects of the process. 

These include registering your event, finding a great location, promoting it (with social media templates you can use), information about equipment, collection and recycling. 

There are also details about health and safety, as well as public liability insurance. 

Please do read through the guides which tell you everything you need to know. 

We are urging hosts to return to the website after each event to let us know how much litter was collected. 

How do I register a private clean-up? 

If you’re keen to organise a private group of friends, family or work colleagues, just select the ‘private group’ option when you register. 

This means you will have access to a comprehensive guide with information on how to organise your event and great advice on running a pick-up.

You can organise as many as you want between March 20 and April 13. 

What about equipment?

If you need kit – litter-pickers, high-vis vests, bags, gloves – your local authority may be able to help. It’s also available at Wilko stores and from March 11.

Make sure you’re dressed appropriately with sturdy footwear, gloves and, ideally, a high-vis vest. 

Never pick up needles – let the organiser know and they will contact the council to remove them. If you find broken glass, put it in a bucket or leave it. 

How can I spread the word? 

Aim to recruit friends, family or colleagues to join you – this is a great way to spend time together and enjoy some fresh air. 

Follow Keep Britain Tidy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or subscribe on YouTube to keep track of others and share posts from your own account using the hashtag #GBSpringClean to inspire others. 

You can also choose to fundraise to support the wider work of Keep Britain Tidy.


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