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Hassle-free Transactions with Nonprofit Organizations

Payment processing is needed by nonprofit organizations, as they rely mostly on the donors’ generosity to further the cause.

These donations are a vital element in the mobility of the organization in making sure that there is sufficient funding to push through with their activities.

The funding for these activities reaches the targeted people. Numerous nonprofit organizations do social and community work for the benefit of the majority. Some work for a particular cause.

Nevertheless, these organizations all have something in common: they all work for the common good.

The donors are equally important as the actual members of the organization.

With the rising popularity of nonprofit payment processing, you have to make sure that the personal information of donors needs to be held secure throughout an online transaction for the organization represented.

Acceptiva does this all for you. Their goal is to make the payment process easy and secure.

How Does It Work?

Securing online donations and payment forms are managed thoroughly. Acceptiva assures donors that their financial information is stashed securely on a protected server.

The service assures donors that everything is taken care of. Also, the service has advanced technological features that meet mandated protocols by the industry.

A merchant account is also essential in this process. It is more of a contractual arrangement that enables payment from either debit or credit card deposited into the nonprofit’s bank account. This includes payment fees from processing to monthly fees.

A connection for donation and payment software goes hand in hand with the merchant account. It assures donors to secure their financial statement, process reports, and enable them to process transactions from various interfaces like mobile apps and other software integration. They make sure that all funds go directly to the donor’s bank account.

Providing a secure web portal for reporting gives donors access to the transaction and data so they can check every detail of their finances regarding nonprofit payments. It is one of the most reputable nonprofit payment responsibilities to the donors. A secure web portal gives you access online for 24 hours so you can keep track of all the details in real-time.

Experienced service providers

When looking for a  nonprofit payment processing service provider, choose the one with over 10 years experience. These companies have already established a resolution for different transactions, especially when it is served online.  These established companies can provide convenience without the worry of security for their customers.

Go for the service provider that dedicates to help organizations by providing practical solutions and that work as a software suite. This software itself makes not only the service provider the master of their craft, but also offers ease of use to the donors.


Reputable nonprofit payment processing service providers see areas of improvement that will help raise a nonprofit organization. With this, these companies also help nonprofits find long-term solutions and success.

With services like this, monetary transactions can now be seamless, easy, and very convenient for everyone. Rest assured, the transactions would become hassle-free. Consequently, improvements like this ensure that the correct amount gets to its appropriate destination and targeted purpose.

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